Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vacation Empties! (13 Things!)

So like a good Blogger I managed to have some empties while on vacation! Check em out!

1. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 12
See my previous posts here, and here where I discuss this product.

2. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter Mini
I got this at Sephora when I had some store credit because everyone on Youtube that I watch from England loves Soap & Glory and raves on and one about the scent. I decided to give this a go since it is only like $5 and a girl always needs body butter. I concur that the smell is AMAZING! And this body butter is the right amount of rich moisturization! Would I buy the full size though? Not sure, because it is so expensive, but I am definitely interested in trying out other Soap & Glory products and am not below putting the full size body butter on my Christmas list, haha.

3. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur Sample
I got this sample in my August Birchbox and I loooove it! I have sampled the classic Viva La Juicy before in my January Birchbox. I am vaguely contemplating buying the full sized bottle of the La Fleur through Birchbox when I have enough rewards points for it. It is like the regular Viva La Juicy but with more floral notes, while also retaining the classic Viva La Juicy scent! Perfection! <3

4. Boscia Black Mask Sample
I liked this mask, and found it to be quite similar to the White Mask which I had used before vacation and LOVED. I liked this Black one and the application and process is the same as the white one, but when I peeled it off it didn't feel as refreshing or brightening as the White one. It is possible that this feeling is all in my head and that the Black & White masks really are the same, just different colors, but I know I would buy the White one before the Black one.

5. Caudalie Beauty Elixer
I previously reviewed this product in a post dedicated all to itself!

6. CVS Brand Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50
This sunblock was ok. I loved that I got it for free through a CVS coupon, and that it was SPF 50, but otherwise, there is nothing amazing about this sunblock. The smell is a little off, kinda like old bananas (ewwy!). However, the staying power was really nice, and if I remember correctly, the price point is pretty fabulous. If I was on a tight budget or got tired of frou frou sunscreens, this one is just fine. Buy full sized? Maybe after I've tried all the Branded kinds.

7. Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Stick Sunscreen SPF 50
I bought this back in December when I made my first extended stay in FL after an incident where I managed to sunburn my eyes due to all my other sunscreens making my eyes burn upon application and causing me to never apply enough around my eyes. Not a cute look I must say, so out of desperation I bought this face stick sunscreen so my face would stop stinging from other blocks, and so I would stop burning. I also figured that extra SPF on my face would be good to prevent acne scars from getting darker. This product was a win win in both categories! It never stung my face, and it never let me down. The only off thing is, because I apply this product thickly, when I am at the beach sand tends to get stuck in the sunblock and then kinda just stay there all day, even when my face is dry. So, maybe not the best choice for a date, but given that I was always at the beach by myself, I didn't mind, haha. Re-buy? Definitely will be next summer! (Or this winter if I end up in Florida again and need face block sooner).

8. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 
I have previously discussed this product in a post dedicated entirely to it! Check it out: here.
***Please note that I got this product for free through Influenster, but was not obligated to write a review***

9. Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Cream
Let me preface by saying that I have always been marginally interested in trying this product because I kepy seeing coupons for it on, but just never got around to trying it, so was thrilled when I finally got the chance too! I also loved the timing of it, because I had used the Caudalie Vinotherapie Hand and Nail Cream a few months ago. I found the Sally Hansen to be kinda like the cooler younger sister of the Caudalie cream. It has a very similar smell, but to me the Sally Hansen is better and smells more fruity rather than Pez-y. I also loved the resulted. It wasn't that heavy, but I always felt moisturized afterwards. I found myself looking forward to using this product nightly because I loved the smell and the feeling of it! I don't know if it had any kind of long term preventative effect because I wash my hands so often, but I know it always helped when my hands were dry! Will I buy the full size? I think I definitely will after I use up the 3 or so hand cream samples I have managed to get for free recently (2 L'Occitane ones even! Woo hoo coupons! ).
***Please note that I got this product for free through Influenster, but was not obligated to write a review***

10. Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 55
I really liked the sunblock. I turned to its aid when a SPF 15 was just not cutting it for me after long days at the beach and I was getting burned. I had this in my stash after a super coupon-a-palooza in late june/early july (think CVS Aveeno Coupon, Manufacturer Coupon, CVS coupon for $ off a certain $ amount purchase, and maybe even the product also being on sale, it was a magnificent moment in couponing history) and never was super excited about it because I though: "SPF 55? How can I get a tan with that?" And let me tell you, being preventative about sun burn obsessively and slowly tanning over an entire morning & afternoon, is way better than say a limiting hour of tanning with SPF 15. More beach time! And I think, more product use allowing moisturization! I won't lie, this sunblock was thick, and didn't have any special smell or anything, but it worked, it was reliable, it didn't sting, and it wasn't greasy! Would I buy again? I'm not super motivated enough to buy it full price, but if I stumble upon an amazing deal like I did with this tube, I think I will. The only thing holding me back is the price given the 4 oz size, because it only lasted me a full days of use (Though please note that I am a known product over user, and the day before I used this product I got a sunburn so was even more obsessive about application and so may have been even more of a product over user, so maybe it would last you longer?).

11. Sun Sum SPF 15 Continuous Spray Sunscreen
I have used up a bottle of this before and reviewed it here. I still love it, and I actually got this bottle for free from the Sun Bum guys when I visited their office down in Cocoa Beach! I mentioned on facebook that I was excited to buy Sun Bum sunblock while down for vacation and then messaged me saying I should drop by their office, and while I was there they gave me free swag! I wasn't even expecting anything! Thanks Dustin & Dustin! Sun Bum forever! Do you Trust The Bum(Tm)? Cuz I sure do!
***I got this product for free from the company, but only because the guys there are super cool. Absolutely no obligations what so ever to talk about the product because they don't even know I have a blog!***

12. Proxi Skincare Body Wash in Cucumber & Green Tea
Can I just say, I love the weird smell of this product? Because I do. I love it. It reminds me of freshly cleaned pool locker rooms. It must be the fresh smell of the hydrogen peroxide that the brand is based around, along with the cucumber and green tea (though the tea smell is super faint). Whatever it is, I love the vaguely clorine-y smell! It makes me think clean, and the product delivers a fabulous and foamy clean! Would I buy this? Yes I definitely will! I have some coupons for the product, so now I just need to hunt them down in Baltimore! (Sold in certain grocery stores, just not ones I normally shop at so haven't actually seen it for sale with my own eyes, but I know it is actually sold in certain stores).
***I got this product for free through Klout, but had no obligation to do a review***

13. Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Foam Shave in Sea Mist
I bought this semi on a whim when I was doing a secret shopping job at a natural food store. I didn't really need any groceries so I decided to get some natural beauty products, and one of the ones that called to me was this foam shave. I love that it is a non-aerosol shaving foam!!! I also love the mist because it is kind of masculine so it leans unisex! Normally I like a fun smelling shaving cream, but for some reason I really grew to love this scent! I also loved the application. Something about the non-aerosol made it easier to get the right thickness of product on my legs, etc. When ever I use gel creams I always feel like I have WAY too much product during my shave and that I'm not getting as close of a shave as a result. With this Alba foam shave I never had that problem. It has enough of a foam to do it's job without getting in its own way. It also found that this product was non-drying and kind of moisturizing, which is always nice with shaving products. Will I buy it again? Yes, and yes! There is another scent of this product that I saw when I bought this one, so I would love to try that next, the next time I come across this product (everyone needs an excuse to go to Whole Foods right?) . I would also love to try other non-aerosol shaving creams & foams, but so far this is the only one I know about.

So what do you think? Have you guys tried any of these products and had similar or completely different experiences? Wanna know more about a product and think I should do a post devoted entirely to it? Comments, concerns, questions? Comment below and let me know!

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