Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning I (25 Empties!)

This will be a MAJOR empties post because I have been busy this semester but now that the semester is nearly over and Commencement is ever approaching (May 19th, woo hoo!). The products have been building up and I need to recycle them so on with the reviews so I can feel the bliss of all this spring cleaning of products! Haha.

1. Help I have a Headache
This might be weird to include because it is just acetaminophen but I thought the product was so cute that I just had to share! Plus, when I bought it I got a super deal because there was $2 off coupons at Target where I bought it (I'm not sure if they are still around) and this product is a $3-4 product so GOOD DEAL RIGHT? :) I love that this line of medications has the goal of minimal packaging and removal of unnecessary ingredients like dyes and fillers, etc. I love that the container is so small too! It only comes with 16 caplets which are packaged in pairs so it doesn't last as long as a bottle of pain killers because it really is only 8 doses but I still love it anyway haha. I have a tendency of getting headaches for a variety of reasons and I will say that these work just as well as other brands though I don't know if it is better because they all kind of work the same for me. But since the packaging and the product has less useless stuff in it I think it is better than the others for that fact. Will I buy it again? YES! Just going to use up my other normal Tylenol and stuff first. I also love the small size of this because you are more likely to actually use them all before the product expires and with pain killers that is apparently super important (though I will admit that I have a tendency of keeping and using expired tylenol etc.) That it something that is now important to me with my various medications and stuff but can be so wasteful when a lot of products come with a lot of doses that I never use up before they expire! Haha. Ok, this review has gotten long, but it is just a testament to how much I love this product! haha.

2. Too Faced Lipstick in Free Love
GUYS! I FINISHED A REAL LIPSTICK! Let us rejoice!! *parties* Ok, now that I have got that out of my system, on to the review! This product taught me that I don't love shimmery/frosty lipsticks. And because I knew that I wanted to use it up so I could get it out of my collection and truly put it through the test of whether I truly dislike frosty lipsticks. I reaffirmed that yes I do not like frosty lipsticks haha. I got through the hate by basically using this lipstick like a chap-stick because I found that it was a decently moist product and didn't dry my lips. I am not sure if moisturized itself, but it was a good, like, sealant, for lack of better word, and helped to maintain the moisture level that my lips already have. While I buy it again? Nope, not this color. But I am not totally adverse to the Too Faced Lipstick line though so I wouldn't be against considering another non-frosty color. At $20 a pop though, it is probably unlikely that I will seek it out, but Too Faced tends to put them in kits all the time so I would totally be into buying a kit with a non-frosty lipstick in it! (On that magical day when I am actually in the market to not just buy lipstick, but multiple products and can justify a whole kit! haha)

3. Secret Natural Mineral Invisible Solid in Eucalyptus Blossom
I will admit that I recall that I bought this because what ever it was that I wanted to buy wasn't in stock, but I was in desperate need of a deodorant so had to buy something, haha, and this made the cut. I loved the smell and even though it is a solid (I am more into the like creamy kind now), I didn't feel like this ever made my underarms too dry, which was the problem I have had with solids in the past. Would I buy it again? I think so! Just gonna try some other stuff first. I would totally consider buying a body mist in this scent if they sold it though (which sadly they do not)!

4. Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave in Cashmere Rain
I loved this! Just wish it lasted longer. I loved that it was a gel/foam, and this product was my first actual CREAM shaving cream, not one of those gel/foam creams like the other Skintimate products I have tried before. I loved how moisturizing this was! I even felt like I didn't always need to use lotion after a shower with this, but since I moisturize my whole body I would do my legs anyway just so I wouldn't feel uneven, haha. But I didn't feel like I NEEDED to, which other products have made me feel. Will I buy this again? I am pretty sure I will after I try out the few other true cream shave creams there are out there (like the EOS one I think I will try next because that has an awesome pump! haha). This had a weird smell but I kind of liked it. It was a mess in the shower though, would get on the walls and just kind of stay there, haha. But I did like the product so I got over that. If I find another cream that can do what this does but with out the mess factor I may not buy this one again haha.

5. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Tanning Lotion Sunscreen
I absolutely LOVED this! I bought this back in December when I was on my extended stay in Florida and I had run out of the other spray tanning lotions I had been using. After deciding that even though spray products had the same FL. OZ. quantity, but probably end up wasting more of it because the spray just floats away if it doesn't stick to your body, haha, I decided to try the traditional lotion. This product was completely new to me because I don't remember seeing it last summer. I think it will be new this summer but was released earlier in Florida because, well, it is Florida so they don't have to wait for summer to have the need to buy sunblock haha. I think this truly was hydrating for the 12 hours that is claims because I didn't feel the need to put on lotion after tanning, which I loved haha. I also adored the smell, a perfect tropical summer smell. After my winter holiday I still have some of this left. Some of you may have an issue with this, but I did some tanning at a tanning salon over the winter when I got a super good deal and I felt that I needed some tanning in order to not be so glum over the winter. I would use this when I would go up a level in time in the tanning booth so I wouldn't burn the first time and it was great for that! I can say that I only burned I think once and that was when I went up a level without putting this on, and ever since then I would use this every time before I went up a level. I know that they say that traditional sunblock can be bad for the tanning beds, but the salon I went to had stand up ones so I think it isn't as bad? Oh well, I needed to use it and I didn't use it that many times so I don't think it hurt the blubs? I hope? I am pretty sure that I will be buying this again this summer unless something new and even cooler looking comes out haha.

6. Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor
I bought this because I heard rave reviews about this on Youtube and I got a sweet deal on it (see my hair product haul I posted a while back). I wanted to like it, and it may have given me good results, but I just HATED the smell so much that I can't even stand to use it. I know that sounds dramatic, but this is one of the first products that I have had such a strong hate of the smell, I swear it gave me a headache and made me feel a little nauseous in the shower when I was using it, I hated the smell THAT much. It is like a mixture of cinnamon and soggy banana foster or something. Now in writing that sounds delicious, but something about the way it works in this product is just revolting to me for some reason. I know I will never buy this again, and nothing else in this line if it has the same gross sent. Bleck! :P

7. Vichy Cellu Destock
I won't go into this because I talked about it in my previous post devoted entirely to Vichy so you can read about it there :)

8. Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Cool Essentials Cucumber & Green Tea Scent
I was surprised how much I liked this. I was expecting it to be a meh product because I only bought it so I could use it for travel and just needed it to do a minimal job. I liked the smell, the green tea makes it a little more different than the traditional cucumber smell that I don't always like. I didn't find this over drying. However, I did find I didn't like the travel size packaging because it didn't have much product, the lid was flimsy so when I take it off, because I had to squeeze to hold it it would sometimes smoosh the deodorant, and I also found that the curve of the dispenser was oddly high on the sides so sometimes I'd get an unexpected plastic scrap while applying. Haha. Would I buy again? For travel, I think so, for regular life? I'm not as sure.

9. Love & Toast Shower Creme in Clementine Crush
I wouldn't call this a shower "creme" because it felt like a regular shower gel, and didn't really moisturize that I noticed. But, I loved the smell and the packaging. I love how sleek and slender it is without being super tiny. I remember seeing this brand for the first time in a boutique neat my house, and remember almost buying one of the lotions in this brand in a scent that they don't have at my Target (boo!). I love citrus body products, so it was no surprise that I liked this smell. It had an odd Tang like quality to the smell, which some people might not like, but as I am a fan of powdered and instant drinks (is that weird, haha) I quite liked the smell. I found it super refreshing to use in the shower, which is what I usually look for in a body wash. Lathered nicely too. Will I buy again? I think so. Might try out another scent just because though. I saw that there is a scrub version in this scent, so I am interested in trying that.

10.Glade Candle in Polka Dot Petals (Limited Edition Spring Scent)
I wasn't expecting greatness from a drug store candle because I never hear anyone talk about them, but I did enjoy this scent. I liked that it was floral but also had a nice pineapple twist to it. I'm not sure I'll rebuy it though because I didn't find that the scent filled the room when it burned, which is the point of candles if you ask me. I am going to try out a few other drug store candle brands before deciding to buy this again. This came with a super cute cardboard packaging cover thing with adorable polka dots and flowers on it that I wish was on the candle holder! Also, the bottom of the candle doesn't say the name of the scent so I had to look it up online for this post, which is annoying. What's that about? haha

11. Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion
I loved loved loved loved loved the scent of this. Like fresh orange juice with some floral. It is simply divine. What I didn't like, though, was that the lotion itself kind of left me wanting more of the lotion (though never the smell, always plenty of the divine smell). It's kind of runny, which is nice for application as it makes it easy, but I think this is what makes it less moisturizing and not quite moisturizing enough for me (though perhaps it could be just right for the summer?). I also loved that this had a pump, because pour out lotions annoy me because I can never be exact about how much I get. With a pump I can figure out how many pumps I need for each part of my body, making application faster and less messy. This was a decent size and it lasted me about a month with daily use. Gonna try some other lotions after this to see if I can find one that can really hydrate for 24 hours like this one claims but can not do, but I'll keep it in mind for the summer when I tend to need less moisturizing lotions.

12. BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer
This had a crazy herbal natural smell that I didn't like at all. I can handle weird smells in my face wash buy not my moisturizer. Also, I didn't think it was anything special moisturizing-wise. Won't buy the full size, and wouldn't be that excited to get it for free, haha.

13. BareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser
I liked this better than the Moisturizer, but not enough to consider buying. This had the same strange herbal smell but it wasn't as strong and it was tolerable in the shower. I think I would have liked this more if it was more of the microfoliant style cleanser, but this is just a regular gel cleanser, which I think gives regular results in this product's case. Wouldn't buy it because I feel like I could get something equitable at the drug store, but if given for free, I wouldn't absolutely hate using it.

14. I Love... Blueberry & Smoothie Bubble Bath & Shower Gel
I really like the formula of this brand. What makes this not a green is the smell. I love the blueberry smell when I soak in a bubble bath but for whatever reason I don't find it as appealing as a shower gel when all lathered up. If you are into Blueberry though, I would totally recommend this to you because it is great! I am just not THAT wild and crazy about blueberry :P Can't wait to see what I think of the other scents!

15. Vichy One Step Cleanser
This was reviewed in the post dedicated entirely to the Vichy products I got from Birchbox

16. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturizer
Same as the cleanser, my review can be found in the Vichy post

17. Benefit the POREfessional
I really liked this! I was stoked when I got this in a birchbox because I had always wanted to try this out but never wanted to buy the full size in order to do so. After constantly having a primer of some sort via birchbox for the past couple months, it is going to be weird to go back to not using a primer (still think they are pricey for what they are). I loved this primer because I do think it did the best job out of the primers I have tried so far for smoothing your face before applying foundation (the other more targeted at just making your make up last longer). I am not going to run out at buy this right away though because it is expensive and I don't think it is "necessary" for my everyday use. I am considering trying out some drug store primers next to see how those compare to this one. Maybe if I'm lucky birchbox will send me another primer to try out! haha.

18. EPIQ Hand Sanitizer Purse Spray
I got this as a christmas present from my dad back in 2010 after he got it as free swag at a fancy lawyer conference of some kind (I'll be a lawyer by the end of 2012, fingers crossed, so maybe I can get more of these from going to conferences myself! haha). I love the bitty size for my purse. Of course this isn't ideal for heavy sanitizer users because it wouldn't last them very long. But because I don't really ever remember to use it, this lasted me a year! I mostly used it for those occasions where I really felt compelled to have hand sanitizer in that situation (like eating with my hands, or eatting after doing something particularly germy, like pet farm animals or something, haha). I didn't find this over drying, and while it didn't have a scent, it had that non-scent to it, which was nice because it didn't stay. Rebuy? Could if I would (I think CVS or Walgreens might sell something like this actually, I'll have to check it out), see them out for propaganda for free-99? Definitely grabbing one!

19. Method Daffodil Bouquet Hand Wash
I posted about this on 4/20 so you can see my hilarious review of the smell there :)

20. Air Wick Scented Candle in Glacier Bay (Limited Edition National Park Foundation Collection)
The color green can not express my love of this candle! 1. I got a super good deal on it because it was in Target clearance because it was a limited edition scent, so I got if for like $2! 2. The scent is divine and just my style, fresh, watery, relaxing. 3. The is the smoothest/cleanest burning candle I have used so far! There are literally no wax chunks on the insides of this candle! That is the first time a candle has done that for me in a realllly long time. I hate when some just stays on the side because it seems like such a waste. 4. The scent filled the room. I hate candles that mislead you and smell really good in the store but then when you burn them you can't really smell them unless you are hovering right over them. I never had that problem with this one, and I could smell it in all parts of my apartment! Win, win, win, win! Will I rebuy? YES! Never again Glade, Air Wick has captured me and I don't ever want to be let go! Haha :P

21. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara Sample
I got this in the Decemeber debut GlamBag (you know, the one GOOD month of GlamBag, haha :P). And I am so glad I did because I LOVE this! I am really tempted to buy the full sized version! This lasted a long time for a sample, and probably would be still usable for some, but I don't like to fight with little baby clumps in the morning when I am cutting it close to getting to class on time, haha. It is amazing at lengthening and defining. Not big on volume, but that's not what I like, so this was perfect for me! Definitely considering buying, or at the very least checking out other tarte products because now I am intrigued!

22. Sephora Brand Mascara Sample
I didn't even use this up. After the tarte mascara reached its end I reached for this next and when I pulled the brush out it just looked so awful that I didn't want to ever risk wearing it and having to redo my makeup all over if it was a total fail. The brush was crappy with the bristles sticking together, and looking kinda mushy and not firm. It was like the mascara brush had spider lashes! If the brush has it, then I am sure the brush would give them to me! Also, the formula looked dull, dried and clumpy (granted I have been hording this for a while). Yucky. Maybe this is normal looking when you first get it and maybe I would enjoy it then, but currently this one is just yuck city! Won't buy!!

23. Bath and Body Works Lemon Mint Leaf Mini Candle
I hate to say it, but after all the beauty world hype over BBW candles, I have to say I am underwhelmed. I bought a couple minis and a few medium sized candles (which I don't think I hauled here, oops) when the spring scents came out and there was a sale going on. While they smell amaaaazing in the store (hense my purchase of 5 different candles! haha), I find that when they are burning they aren't that strong. I just can't believe that after all the hype my $2 Air Wick candle was way more impressive. This Lemon Mint Leaf one was the strongest of the bunch, and you could smell it in the air when it was burning but definitely not throughout my whole apartment, just the living room. Buy it again? Probably not. Buy the scent it in another format? totally would if BBW sold the new fresh picked candle scents in other formats, but sadly they don't :( the sales person said it was because the scents didn't really translate as well in other forms, which I thought was ironic because once I got home I felt that they didn't even translate well to a burning candle! I do like this mini candle size though... so cute! If maybe the scent problem is just this collection, I wouldn't mind giving BBW candles a second chance via buying more mini candles in their core collection scents.

24. Bath and Body Works Forever Sunshine Travel Body Spray
I will admit I bought this scent because youtube girls said they liked it. After I got it home and really started wearing it I realized it was much more heavy on the sweet side rather than the citrus side which I like better. It wasn't awful using this up because I didn't hate it or anything, I just wasn't that excited to use it. I am glad that I bought the mini size though because if I had bought the big size I would probably be regretting the purchase way more. This small travel size is just my style of body sprays. Big enough to get a good use and value of it, but small enough to not hate the scent as you use it up if you decide you don't like it anymore half way through. I think my new test for BBW body sprays should be that I shouldn't ever buy the big size ever again unless I go through a mini size and love it the whole way through. Money, and time saver! (I'm looking at you BBW Cherry Blossom, the bane of my existence!). While I wouldn't buy this body spray again, I will buy the size, and I could consider buying this scent in other formats because I find sometimes the scents can be a little different in different products, so maybe one of the other products in the scent line leans more citrus-y, that would be cool!

25. Vicky Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover
This was reviewed in the post dedicated entirely to the Vichy products I got from Birchbox

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