Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steals and Deals: $75 Fossil Purse for $27!

PSA! Never underestimate the power of local stores, and coupons! Harness these powers and you too can have a Fossil purse for only $27 :)

Here is my beauty:

(They don't seem to still be selling this on the Fossil website, but there is a similar size color and style, and here is one that is similar but for men: Estate Small Utility Pouch)

The Story? I found this GEM of a deal at a local liquidation store called Brand Central Station (think TJ Maxx, or Rugged Warehouse but on a smaller local scale). It was hanging out on a rack with fellow designer brand purses, like a beautiful bright red patent Coach purse that was really calling my name, but even at the steep discount it was out of league, haha. Anyway, the power combo of this deal was the fact that I had a $10 off $30 purchase coupon that came in a local junk mail flyer, YES that flyer that you get in the mail buy hate and usually throw away. Stop throwing them away without checking what coupons are in it, because not all of them suck. I will admit it takes sifting because usually those flyers have like gutter cleaning, and new window installation adds and coupons that aren't really an interest to 99% of the people who receive it.

Why it spoke to me? I think I've mentioned on this blog before, but in case I haven't, one of my shopping rules is that I can only really buy things that "speak" to me. It's kinda like what people say when they meet the "one" they are going to marry, etc. With this rule also comes my rule of: if I wouldn't have bought it at full price, then I shouldn't buy it on sale, because then I'm not really getting a deal. While this purse was $75 at full price, not something I would plunk down without thinking, it was definitely just what I was looking for and I really think I would have bought this a full price if I had an extra $75 hanging around. This also spoke to me for a number of tangible reasons beyond the price because I had been REALLY wanting a leather purse after I bought a little leather clutch (to be hauled in a future post, so keep your eyes open!). I also was really digging the idea of a little purse because the purse I had been carrying around for the last year or two was medium/large, and while that size is useful, I was looking to find something smaller, and crossbody, rather than a clutch, for those days when I don't want to lug around everything. I liked the idea of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch that had been popular on Youtube this spring, but of course couldn't afford that purse, and that style wasn't really calling to me anyway. I also have a passionate love for Fossil after I bought a pair of Fossil boots at TJ Maxx. All these components combined, and I just couldn't leave the purse, it needed to come home with me, to its true home: on my shoulder :)

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