Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

WHY: I bought this when it first came out, probably for the same reasons everyone else did, the hope that there was a cheaper drugstore dark spot corrector that actually works! I bought it at the right time because I remember I used a multitude of coupons in one shopping trip just to justify this $17 purchase (had enough coupons to save $17 and make it free, haha).

PROS: I love the smell, as I do all Garnier products, but also because the version of the scent in this product is especially nice. I can't quite name how it is different, but it is, and I love it. Applies nice at first. I think maybe it does help dark spots a little. I also love that it is a metal tube and not a plastic one because you can really tell how you are progressing through the product and it helps you get every little bit out.

CONS: It rolls and peels if you use it before foundation. This is what caused me to stop using the product for a good chunk of time except for days where I knew I wouldn't want to wear make up. This may have caused me to see the minimal results that I got, but hey, I will live with dark spots if I don't have to deal with the rolly peely mess this made! Also, even though I loved that the tube was metal, I think this also had cons because the coloring and lettering seemed to be quite prone to rubbing/discoloration/scraping off. The outer packaging definitely makes it look more like a $17 product than the actual tube which seems more $9.99 or something, haha. Also, because of its ingredients, the excess product oxidizes on the nozzle and turns a crazy and kinda gross orange brown color. It doesn't ever do this on the skin, but it is kinda off-putting when you see it after a few weeks of use haha.

CONCLUSION: I wouldn't buy it again because it is pricey for something that I couldn't stick to enough to even decide if it gave results.

Has anyone else tried this? Did you stick to it enough to see results? Comment below! :)


  1. Hey I'm a random girl who found this post on google! :) I've been using this product for a bit over two weeks now (every day consistently) but i'm not really seeing results. :( Actually, the only reason I was googling about this was so i'd find encouraging success stories...haha. I agree with you; I don't think it was really worth it. Where did you buy yours? I got it for $15 at Walmart =)

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! :) I got mine at Rite Aid I think, but I bought it a while ago so it could have possibly been CVS haha. I've been using the L'Oreal Youth Code spot corrector and I think it might actually be working! Keep an eye out for a post about it in maybe a month! :)