Sunday, April 1, 2012

$250 Pan is complete!

I don't know if you guys have been following the updates to my older $250 Pan post and noticed that I completed it a few weeks go, so I thought I'd make a formal announcement of it...


Ok, it's out of my system :) I am just so proud of myself because it was a goal that I could really see my progress towards, unlike classic Project Pans which feel like you never are making progress in... kinda like my Kill It Quest... haha.

What did I learn? That I should take into account the price of something when buying something because sometimes a price isn't worth the time it takes to use up (whether it is gone too fast, or it lasts forever and you get bored and never want to use it so it was a  waste because you probably would have done better to just not buy it).

Now that this is over and I got a good chunk of old products out of my stash, look forward to an updated Stance Insurance Policy post to reflect the value of my current stash with all of these old products removed and with the list of all the other products that I have added to replace them! (As well as some extra products that maybe I didn't need... oops :) )

Have any of you ever done a money style Pan project? Did you succeed?

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