Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review: Beauty Blender

HOW: I received this a little while back in my February Birchbox and have been playing around with it ever since.

WHY: I had always heard about this in the blog/vlog-osphere but always was skeptical about how good it really was because it IS a sponge, which just always seems so low-tech to me, but guru's that love brushes also loved this, so when i received it I was pretty happy to try it out. Now, the price always scared me away, $19.50 for ONE FREAKIN' SPONGE! Which I think is insane, but because I got this for free/ for $10 I'm not complaining.

PROS: I have been using this with my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation that I bought this summer and loved then but kinda stopped using it once fall came around. I had been previously been applying that foundation with my fingers after I decided I didn't like the look a brush gave. I have to say, I love the finish the Beauty Blender gives it. It makes the application really even and at the sheer/medium level I strive for but don't always achieve when applied with fingers.

CONS: The price, the price, the price. Plus, it is really annoying to clean. I don't have the cleaner that they sell and I refuse to buy a cleaner just to clean one implement, haha. I tried using my brush cleanser, various face washes, and different liquids soaps that I currently have and none of them could get the foundation out, which is annoying. Also, in the cleaning process I seemed to have faded the cute pink color some as well as create or reveal some damage/wear to the sponge. I read some where that the sponge lasts/should be used for 3 months, and from what I have experienced that it probably how long it will last me.

CONCLUSION: I don't think I will ever buy this simply because of the price compared to how long it lasts, as well as the annoying-ness of cleaning it. I do like how it applies foundation though so would welcome any more free ones with open arms, haha. I wouldn't be adverse to trying out one of the cheaper drug store "dupes" of this, especially if those are easier to clean!

Have any of you tried to Beauty Blender? Or one of the drug store versions? What did you think?


  1. I've been eying one too, but I just can't justify the cost. Especially since I only wear foundation once in a while. Wish I would have gotten one in my BB!

    1. Thanks for reading! That was my same problem too so was STOKED when I got it in BB! I was considering trying out one of the drug store versions of this though. Have you tried any of those? I have heard some good things about those even though they aren't the same or 100% as good.