Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vichy Overview Review

So back in February Birchbox sent out this email where you could sign up and get a bonus box (like a whole separate box from your regular monthly box) for free! All you had to do was sign up, so of course I signed up. It was a box sponsored by Vichy, a brand I had kinda heard of but never tried. I am always in the mood to try new skincare so I was ecstatic for the opportunity. Now, I will admit that the box came in February but I have been waiting to get through a good deal of each product before reviewing them as a whole, hence the delay in the reviews.

It came with 5 samples and I will discuss each in turn below along with a review.

Vichy One Step Cleanser
I kind of like this cleanser. But, I feel like I love the idea of it more than it's execution and its price. I love that it is creamy, and it hasn't every left my skin feeling tight (my number 1 cleanser pet peeve!). However, it did leave me wanting more exfoliation every now and then. I know that this shouldn't really be a fault because most people have separate cleansers and exfoliators, but I want an all in one super cleanser haha. If that quest proves fruitless, I would consider buying this cleanser as my daily non-exfoliant cleanser, but I just am not 100% sold on the idea yet. And at $19.50 a bottle, I am going to try out some more cleansers first before that investment.

Vichy Cellu Destock Intensive Treatment for Appearance of Cellulite
I'm not sold on this product either, but that simply is because this was only a one use size sample so its hard for me to fully form an opinion on it. I love the idea of it. It has a great fresh smell and feels nice on the skin. I liked that the product requires you to massage it in so it can get at your cellulite because after I did that step my legs felt awesome! Of course, this feeling wasn't because of the lotion necessarily, but my massaging, but I wouldn't have done it unless the lotion told me too, haha. My hesitation lies in the fact that I can't form an opinion about the Cellulite reducing aspects as the product says it takes 4 weeks to see results. The full size is $39.50, which maybe is a good price for such a product, but at this point in my life where I don't really have a problem with the texture of my butt, hips, and legs, I will pass. But when I am older and feel the need for such a product I won't dismiss this product as an option.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal
Me and this moisturizer began as a love/hate relationship. I love how moisturizing it is, and it truly may even last the 24 hours it claims it does! The small problems? Sometimes it stings a little on application, but it is a quick sting and goes away super fast (unlike other lotions that have done this and the stinging persists longer). The other little problem? It is so moisturizing that it can leave you oily in the morning. However, even with both of those little problems, I could deal with them just so I could have this product. I love how moisturizing it is, even when used in crazy snowboarding conditions. It's a $29.95 product, so will I buy buying it right away? No, I want to try out some cheaper alternatives first. But when I get a nice job after law school (crosses fingers) and have an income where I won't feel super guilty about a $30 moisturizer, I would definitely put this on the short list of the products I would probably buy.

Vichy Lift Activ Nuit
Being only 22, anti-aging products only serve a preventative function for my skin rather than as something that I would see result with right away. Given this aspect it can be hard to tell if a product is doing its job since I won't ever really know, haha. That being said, I am still going to use this up because it couldn't hurt haha, but I don't think I'll buy it again because of the price and the fact that I can't tell its working at my age. I love the texture of this stuff. At first it surprised me because I thought it would have a lotion-y texture like the Aqualia Thermal did because the both came in the same kind of container, but this product actually has a much firmer balm-like texture. At first this kinda weirded me out, but after using it for a week the texture grew on me and I discovered I quite liked it because it meant you could use less product without sacrificing the feeling that you are using enough. Will I buy this when I am older? I am not going to dismiss the idea because even though it costs $49 now, which is actually quite a good price for an anti-aging product these days, and the fact that I think it would last longer than other products given its firm texture, I think I would definitely consider this in my future.

Vichy Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover
Like I've said about other make-up removers, I am not really one to use an eye make-up remover unless it is the rare occasion that I am wearing eyeliner. That being said, when I do have a remover on hand I will use it every day anyway just to use it up and get it off my counter. What I loved about this product was that it didn't sting my eyes, which is amazing for me because even removers targeted at sensitive eyes have stung my eyes. What I didn't like? I didn't think this was the best at removing mascara if you are in a hurry. I found that if you let this sit and soak on your eye for like 10-20 seconds it didn't have as much of a problem, but if you are of the style (that I generally am) that you just wanna wipe and not have to wait, then it doesn't get all of your mascara. All in all this is a good remover, maybe even great, but given my cleansing habits I don't think I will buy it.

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