Friday, November 30, 2012

Novemeber Empties

1. Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets
I have reviewed this product in a previous empties post and my review THERE still rings true now.

2. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath in Energy Lemon Zest Mini
This was nice for a freebie (there was a facebook coupon for it a while back). I like lemon scents so I loved the scent of this one, especially because it was like a true lemon zest scent, not a sweet lemonade-y one. The foamy-ness and its bubbles for the bath were adequate but nothing to write home about. Probably won't buy the full size though because the White Citrus scent is like a better version of this one!

3. L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
I got this when I bought a gift sent with this scent as the perfume (hauled HERE). I love the scent but was disappointed by the texture. I assumed that because it was a hand cream that it would be similar in texture as the Dry Skin hand cream (which I have reviewed HERE). Sadly, this was not the case. This Pivoine Flora one is a lot more fluid and as a result I feel that it doesn't moisturize as well. However, I do think it might dry a little faster and with less of a greasy feel. Will I buy again? Probably not. I do have another one that I got for free though, so I will still be using that one, but after that I don't anticipate ever buying one again unless I got it for free.

4. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
I got this sample a while ago at the Towson Townceter Fashion's Night Out event. I decided to try it because I have heard about it here and there on Youtube, and I love face masks, so, why not? I thought it was pretty good. I felt like it did help get the crap out of my pores but it wasn't a super miracle worker. However, I didn't think to use a hot towel to open my pores before applying the mask like the instructions on the website said. Perhaps it works even better when you do that? I'd love to try this again to find out, though I don't think I'm ready to take the risk of buying it in the full size to do that so I'll be hunting down another sample.

5. Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste Mini
I have used the ProNamel version of this toothpaste many times (check out my posts HERE, HERE, HERE) and got this tube (along with a few others) for free from my dentist when I complained of sensitive teeth. I don't like the taste of this one, the ProNamel tastes better, but I think that it helps just as well with sensitivity as the ProNamel formula. This formula is little less foamy I think, which bothered me, but might be a perk to others. Buy the full size? Probably not, but I would buy it if I had too because there was no ProNamel at the store and I desperately needed sensitivity relief.

6. Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer SPF 15 Sensitive Skin Formula
I really liked this moisturizer. I wouldn't say it is "holy grail" because it does have a few things that could be improved, but otherwise I love it. I like that it has SPF, and drys down decently well in the morning before applying makeup. It moisturizes just the right about for during the day so I don't feel like I am left parched, but it is a little greasy so I had to blot with an oil absorbing sheet before apply makeup each day. I got this for a super good deal, and because at the time I wasn't lusting over any moisturizer in particular when I ran out. I would probably buy this again if I am ever stuck in a rut about what to use again.

7. Crest Complete Whitening Plus Deep Clean Toothpaste
I love this toothpaste. It is the only toothpaste I have ever used that has ever really made the back of my teeth free really clean. Usually toothpastes leave behind a layer that I can feel, but I never had the problem with my front teeth. With this toothpaste my whole mouth felt super deeply cleaned! The taste is also not bad, and I like how foamy it is. I didn't buy this, I "borrowed" it when my brother left it at my parents house when he went back home after a visit. Muhaha, thanks brother! However, I will be buying this myself because it is amazing!!

8. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleanser Pads
I really love the idea of a cleansing pad instead of a regular cleanser. I feel like it can get more stuff off of your face because of the swipe of the pad. Usually I would use this by rubbing it on my face and then scrubbing again with just my hands like you would with a regular cleanser. I think that for most people it could be gentle enough to use daily, but I felt that after a week or two of continuous use it felt drying. When I started using it only a couple times a week I fell back in love and didn't have a dryness issue. It is expensive for a cleanser if you are going to use it every day because it only comes with 28 pads, but I think its worth it. Also, I weirdly love the huge container it comes in, haha! Buy again? Definitely! Just gonna try out some other things first.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birthday Haul! (Sephora and Fossil)

Got some Sephora giftcards for my birthday and I thought you guys would enjoy seeing a haul! Sephora was also doing an awesome promo code to get a bag of sample with your purchase so that is what the pile of stuff on the right side of the picture is. I am excited to try out the In the Glow set! I know that I have said in the past that I am not a huge bronzer and blush girl, but I think it might be because I never really had a lot of options. If this doesn't give me enough options for me to get a full opinion I don't know what would! Haha. Oh yeah, I also had some VIB points saved up so I got a mini bottle of Miss Dior! So cute and smells amazing! I also needed $5 to get free shipping so I added the Soap and Glory body wash. I love the Righteous Butter and the Hand Food so I thought this was the next best thing to try!

The other fabulous thing I got for my birthday was a this beautiful Fossil wallet/clutch and I LOVE it!!! It is just what I was looking for for my nights out on the town. I think it just screams my name, don't you?

So what do you guys think of my haul? Do you have any of the same things? Get anything good for Black Friday? I didn't go out this year hence this Birthday Haul post instead. Let me know in a comment below! :)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's My Birthday but I want to Celebrate YOU!

It's my birthday today! Yaaay! I'm 23. :) But instead of talking about me today, why don't we talk about YOU! All of my subscribers that currently write blogs are featured below and have a description of why their blog rocks! :) Feel free to leave them a comment saying that I sent you ;)

KayHeartsMakeup16 hasn't posted a lot recently but her blog is adorable! I like her DIY post the best! :)

LovelyBlueLife has a fabulous blog with a variety of different posts. She has been MIA for a bit, but I hope she comes back soon because I like her reviews!

BeautyObsessed2 has some fabulous Influenster themed posts (one of my favorite sources of free stuff!), and I love that she does Blog Hops all the time.

Eyelining Obsessions is one of my favorite blog sources for posts about empties! She has the same weird obsession with using up products and hitting pan like I do! <3

FashionCandyFloss has awesome and quirky fashion posts. She thinks up outfits that I wouldn't have, and I like that about her!

YouSoldtheWorld seems to be a wiz like me at finding free stuff (hello Influenster related posts of hers!) and good deals like subscription services! She likes to individually review things which I always love!

Lets Kiss to Makeup is a fresh new blog, and she has all the kinds of posts that I love: hauls, reviews (positive and negative!), favorite products, the works! I can't wait to see her blog grow :)

And last, but not least Bat An Eyelash who is a subscription service maven, and I love that she is also in love with LittleBlackBag like I am! :)

If you are a reader of mine and I did not list you, either your blog is in a foreign language, or the way that you signed up for my blog prevented me from finding your blog because it wasn't associated with your account some how. Comment below with your blog and I'll gladly add you to the list of fabulousness! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mid Month Empties - Novemeber

1. & 2. Herbal Essences None of Your Frizziness Shampoo & Conditioner
I really liked this! I bought this when I was out of my last shampoo and couldn't find the "Honey I'm Strong" line at my local CVS. I was plesently surprised and I think I like this shampoo better than the honey one (see my review of that line HERE)! It is like all the good aspects of the honey shampoo & conditioner, without that slippery texture. Also, I think I prefer the smell of this one better. I think it helped to fight frizz, but sometimes its hard to really tell with any shampoo & conditioner whether that really works. I do know it didn't make my hair more frizzy! Buy again? Totally!

3. Unknown Dome Brush
I have had this brush for a few years now and it served its purpose. I found it on the ground near my apartment one time, and thus have NO idea what brand it is because the handle doesn't indicate anything. I have decided that it is time to retire this brush because it is a little pokey/scratchy when trying to darken up the outer v, and I found a nice replacement brush on sale at Sephora!

4. CVS Brand Eye Makeup Remover Oil-Free
I really liked this, though I think the Simple Makeup Remover I used previously works slightly better on mascara. However, I will probably by buying this again I'm sure because this is way cheaper than the Simple brand, and sometimes CVS gives you coupons for $ off CVS brand stuff, making it an even better buy! 

5. Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste
I've reviewed this three times already (HERE, HERE, and HERE), and my opinion is still the same.

6. Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes
I got these for free through and was excited to try them out since they are a pretty new product (Thanks Klout!). I found that they work fine, but I think the texture of the towelettes aren't the softest, and sometimes they left me wanting them to be wetter. I've tried other brands (Like Simple, and Garnier) and I feel that the Aveeno ones just didn't measure up. Buy my own? Probably not.

7. L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream
Another free hand cream, this time through a Facebook coupon. My opinion about the previous tube remains true for this one. Buy full size? Contemplating!

8. L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Shower Gel
I got this in the perfume gift set I bought this summer, and have loved every single use of this! I love the scent as a perfume, and in the shower gel form! I just made me feel so feminine and girly. But will I buy it again separately? At $20 it's not likely, but I would love to have it via a set of some kind again!

9. Blinc Mascara
Previously reviewed a sample size HERE. I loved it so much then that back in January/February-ish I bought the full size with my Birchbox points! This tube of mascara lasted FOREVER, about 8-9 months! O.O That is insane! And I loved every use. I loved that I didn't have to worry about raccoon eyes, and that the effect always pleased me. However, now that I have used another mascara I'm not sure I would buy this again because I want to try other styles of mascara and I think I like mascaras that are a little more defining and separating that this one.

10. Towson Town Center Unscented Hand Sanitizer
I got this for free at an event at my local mall last year. Not much to report about it since it is just a plain hand sanitizer. It did it's job, it was free, the colored beads were fun to look at, but nothing else to report. Not re-buy-able unless Towson Town Center gives them out again this year at another event!

11. Baltimore City Health Department Clean Hands Save Lives Aloe Hand Sanitizer
I don't know why this was called "aloe" hand sanitizer because there is no aloe in it... just fragrance that smells like aloe. Even the ingredients give it away! Otherwise, it was a nice hand sanitizer, but not any different than a non "aloe" one. I got this for free at the Baltimore Book Festival, and it came with a carabiner hook on the top, which I am keeping, so that was cool. Like the Towson one this is not re-buy-able, but I would welcome more free hand sanitizer since I use it like a fiend at work!

12. La Fresh Original Formula Makeup Remover Wipe
I got this single wipe for free at a hotel that I said at this summer. I don't even remember how I felt about using it recently, so obviously it is not a memorable product. I remember that it was moister than the Aveeno ones mentioned above, so that was good, but otherwise it was just a average plain-jane makeup wipe. Buy full size? Probably not.

13. Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Styling Cream
Thank God this is out of my life! I hated this product. It was so easy to use too much product and end up with gross greasy hair. Occasionally the results were OK if used quite sparingly, but never was is amazing, or even good. I think I bought this originally because I liked the Anti-Humidity Styling Milk that I had bought before, but the cream formula is so much inferior to the milk version. I'll never buy this again, and wouldn't even want it for free!

14. Softsoap Milk Protein & Honey Moisturizing Hand Soap
I could have sworn that I used this soap before but I can't find the empties post with it in it, so maybe I am mistaken? Either way, it feels like the hybrid between The Up & Up Milk & Honey Soap and the Softsoap Shea Butter soap. Could still make your hands dry after using it, but more moisturizing than a non-moisturizer soap. The scent was nice and it had the interesting slick honey texture. Buy again? Probably if I saw it on sale but I am not obsessed or desperate about it needing to be in my life. It could disappear and I wouldn't be that upset. 

15. CVS Brand Premium Cotton Rounds
Cotton rounds are cotton rounds and I used these previously and my review there is the same now.

16. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm SPF 45+ in Vanilla Mint
I bought this spontaneously when I was on vacation in Florida in August. I needed a new high SPF lip balm because the one I had been using was one of those balm that made your lips white and I didn't think that was cute for surfing! haha. This did its job SPF-wise but the taste was gross because it was like you could taste the chemical sunscreen in it, and not the vanilla or mint. Bleck! It was decently moisturizing, but I won't miss the gross taste! Will stick to Sun Bum lipbalm instead!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Stash - Updated!

I don't know if you guys have noticed but my current stash is now always available in the above links bar. See "Home" and "Affiliations"? Right next to it is "My Current Stash!" where I will now be keeping an up-to-date list of my stash instead of having dedicated blog posts every couple months. This works better for me, and should be better for you guys because it will be updated more regularly! Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is next week, woo! Here are some things on my wish list, even though I don't expect to get any of them, haha!

1. Fossil's Georgia Watch in either the Smoke & Rose Stainless Steel, or Leather Sand
2. Mac Fix+

3. A pair of black sneaker wedges

4. A new medium sized purse

5. A Keurig Platinum

6. A fancy Sur La Table cooking pan <3
7. Madewell shopping spree, haha

8. Beautiful bag from Miller & Jeeves on Boticca <3 (see my post HERE about a clutch I already own from the same designer.)
9. A permanent job :)
10. An apartment <3

What do you think? Are you a Scorpio too? What do you want for your birthday? Comment below! :)

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Influenster Contest Haul: Hawaiian Tropic

Remember when I posted about two Influenster Sally Hansen Contests that I won? Well I also won a Hawaiian Tropic contest too! And here is my ultra sweet Hawaiian Tropic swag that I got! I am obsessed with the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion (review HERE, empties HERE, and HERE) and am stoked that I got another bottle of it! I am excited to try out the lip gloss because I didn't even know that Hawaiian Tropic made any, and this color looks like a nice neutral red that would look good on everyone!

What do you guys think of the haul? Opinions of Influenster? Have any of you won any contests recently? Comment below and let me know!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog-Tober-Fest is Over! FEEDBACK REQUESTED!

Hey everyone, now that it is officially November Blog-Tober-Fest is now over! Don't worry though, I will still be blogging frequently (usually at least 2-3 post per week)! Now that my month long project is over (gold stars and pats on the back for me for sticking with it!), I would love to hear what you guys thought of it! Did you like having daily posts? Or do you read so many blogs you would have preferred the usual 2-3 blog posts a week so you don't feel overwhelmed by things to read? Maybe there was something you wanted me to post about that I didn't get to? Comment below with any and all feedback! :)

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