Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's My Birthday but I want to Celebrate YOU!

It's my birthday today! Yaaay! I'm 23. :) But instead of talking about me today, why don't we talk about YOU! All of my subscribers that currently write blogs are featured below and have a description of why their blog rocks! :) Feel free to leave them a comment saying that I sent you ;)

KayHeartsMakeup16 hasn't posted a lot recently but her blog is adorable! I like her DIY post the best! :)

LovelyBlueLife has a fabulous blog with a variety of different posts. She has been MIA for a bit, but I hope she comes back soon because I like her reviews!

BeautyObsessed2 has some fabulous Influenster themed posts (one of my favorite sources of free stuff!), and I love that she does Blog Hops all the time.

Eyelining Obsessions is one of my favorite blog sources for posts about empties! She has the same weird obsession with using up products and hitting pan like I do! <3

FashionCandyFloss has awesome and quirky fashion posts. She thinks up outfits that I wouldn't have, and I like that about her!

YouSoldtheWorld seems to be a wiz like me at finding free stuff (hello Influenster related posts of hers!) and good deals like subscription services! She likes to individually review things which I always love!

Lets Kiss to Makeup is a fresh new blog, and she has all the kinds of posts that I love: hauls, reviews (positive and negative!), favorite products, the works! I can't wait to see her blog grow :)

And last, but not least Bat An Eyelash who is a subscription service maven, and I love that she is also in love with LittleBlackBag like I am! :)

If you are a reader of mine and I did not list you, either your blog is in a foreign language, or the way that you signed up for my blog prevented me from finding your blog because it wasn't associated with your account some how. Comment below with your blog and I'll gladly add you to the list of fabulousness! :)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    You forgot me :(

    Bat an Eyelash

    1. I'm Sorry, whenever I clicked on your name it took me to your Google+ profile and I didn't see any blog listed there! I'll add you to the list deary! :)

    2. hehe no worries. It used to. I don't know what's up with wacky Google these days.

      Hope you have a great birthday!