Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Orlando Outlet Vacation Shopping Haul!

Hey guys, so you may have known that I was on vacation in Orlando for 3 weeks at the end of August. Well, in Orlando there are some FABULOUS outlet malls, and I managed to develop a slight shopping problem while I was on vacation and bought a lot of stuff for amazing prices! I am so satisfied with all my purchases, and I am hoping that the ultra satisfaction will keep me from shopping for the rest of the year (the exception likely being around Black Friday/Christmas sales, haha). Wanna know what I got and some of the amazing prices? Check it out!
Pivoine Flora Gift Set: $49.00 (I have been contemplating buying the perfect in this set for years, and that alone cost $45 at the regular price!)
Bath & Massage Oils in Revilatizing: $12.60 (for my mom)
Citron & Clementine Bath Balls Set: $7.50 (for my mom)
Dry Skin Hand Cream: FREE because I spent at certain threshold amount!

Victoria's Secret
Bras: 10 for $30!!!! That's right, $3 each!!! I'm set for life!
Swimsuit bottoms: $2.99 each!!
I Love the Victoria's Secret Outlet Prices!!!

Bathingsuit: $6.99 each piece

Burton Outlet
Roxy "Fakie" Board Shorts: $14.99
I literally have been stalking these shorts online for years since they first came out. Regular price is $48, there were 3 pairs left at the Burton Outlet, I literally freaked when I saw these on the clearance rack in my size!

Wallet: $9.99
This is the exact style of wallet I have been hunting for! Maybe not my first color choice, but it's growing on me! :)

The Gap
Tank Top: $4.50 each

Bass Shoes
Gold Top-Sliders/Boat Shoes: $23.98
Tropical Drink Ankle Socks: $1.99
I think the shoes are an amazing deal because, literally, the morning I before to buy these shoes I was at Target and there was a similar pair there for $24 which are a muuuch cheaper quality, and not as shiny as these Bass ones! (and the Target ones are likely not as comfy as the Bass either!) I am so stoked about this shoe find! They were also an amazing deal because they normally cost $95.95!

Calvin Klein
Khaki Straight Leg "Galaxy" Pant: $18.24
Black "Pique" Polo: $15.50
Khaki "Fit/Flare" Pant: $18.23
Those suit pants are both normally $89.50 EACH! Biggest bargain ever, especially because Calvin Klein is my favorite designer for professional ware! <3

I know all these things probably sound like a lot to buy all in the span of 2 or 3 weeks, but when you consider what people spend for back to school shopping (this is the first time I don't "need" back to school shopping since I have graduated from law school now), and the fact that many people might have made this same purchase but with everything at full price, I am SO satisfied with my purchases and am definitely set for quite some time and have super satisfied my clothing shopping bug! (Won't deny I might still have a slight skincare/ makeup shopping bug to satisfy...haha)

What do you guys thing of the haul? Anyone else been to the Orlando Outlets, or just score some amazing deals? Comment bellow and let me know! Or post a link to YOUR recent haul, I'd love to check them out! :)

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