Thursday, September 27, 2012

If I Had A 1000 Dollar Spree

1000 Dollar Spree

Talbots Houndstooth Sweater / J.Crew Swiss Dot Sweater / Talbots Pleated Blouse / J.Crew Merino Sweater / Madewell Pencil Skirt / Talbots Satin Shirt / Talbots Poplin Shirt / American Eagle Outfitters Side-Zip Booties / Fossil Estate Document Bag / Calvin Klein Belted Ruffle Shift Dress

My best friend just got a new job (and now has joined the ranks of what I call "jerks with jobs," which just means they have a job so there for are a jerk because I'm jealous, haha), and as a "reward" for just landing the job his parents are letting him have $1000 to buy a new work wardrobe. Words can not express my seething jealously, haha, but of course I am happy for him as I know he would be for me. Anyway, his new found "wealth" had me thinking... just what would I buy if I had the same opportunity. Above is what I think I would buy. Mainly I was going for investment pieces and things I wouldn't just to buy myself all at once because of the price, but given the quality they all really would be worth it in the long run I think. (And, yes, if you do the math technically this adds up to $1003 and doesn't include tax, etc. but it's a pretend shopping spree, shhh! :P)

What would you buy if you had a $1000 shopping spree for new clothes? Comment below and let me know! :)

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