Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wear This, Not That: Budget Fashion -

So, if you are like me you have probably found the "Gentle/Kink-Free/Tug-Free Hair Ties" trend to be super cute (my first experience with the style was through Birchbox when I received a Twistband hair tie), but over priced, like the ones below. And, if you are like me, you remember this book:

Free People Printed Hair Ties $10.00 for 4!
Cook This, Not That: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

Well that book is about weight loss... well with my Wear This, Not That, this post is about money saving tips! How about, instead of 4 hair ties for $10, you can get 64 for $15 (or to be exact: $14.74 including shipping & tax). That's right.... 64!!! If you were to buy 64 from Free People it would cost you $160!!! A savings of $145! Much better deal to make your own, right??!

I got the idea to make my own after reading THIS blogpost when I stumbled upon it through Pinterest. I purchased my elastic HERE, made mine following the blogpost's instructions, and stole THIS BLOG'S idea to make them fray-free!

Here is what I started with:

Here is my beautiful pile of finished hair ties! :)

So, have you guys made your own hair ties? What do you think of this style of hair tie? Any other amazing Pinterest DIYs I should try? Comment below! :)

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