Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Empties

Who's got empties? ME!!! September was a month to be proud of my empties. Check out my reviews below :)

1. & 2. Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong Shampoo & Conditioner
I bought this for my 3 week Florida vacation in August and it lasted me all through the vacation plus another week or so. I bought this because I saw an add for it on Spotify and I was intrigued. I really liked this formula and it was nothing like any other Herbal Essences formula that I've used before. It reminds me of the consistency of the Honey Handsoap that I've used before: this like weird slippery but not oily or heavy feeling; the shampoo had the same feeling here. Is that a honey thing? I don't know, but I like it. Also, the conditioner was nice because it was just the right of heaviness that I like. And, bonus, it smells nice and Herbal Essence-y: fresh and clean, my favorite! Totally will rebuy, and have a renewed interest in Herbal Essences that I had semi abandoned a year or two ago after having a super long term relationship with the Tousle Me Softly line (perhaps I should try that out again now that I have tried a bunch of other shampoos and conditioners?).

3. Jason Restorative Biotin Pure Natural Shampoo
I got this for free through Klout and was surprised at the huge size because it was my first full sized thing from Klout! Now I've gotten quite a few things from Klout so the size isn't as surprising. However, I love ths size of this because it lasted me forever! I had been using this shampoo as my "between shampoos" shampoo that was always there for me while I was deciding what to buy next (which explains why this lasted me from April/May until now, haha). I love that it is SLS free and the product hasn't sacrificed its quality because of it. I have used other SLS free shampoos before but was always disappointed because they didn't lather at all, but this one lathers just the right amount to make me not miss SLS. The smell is a nice "natural" kind of smell, but it's hard to place. I wouldn't say this shampoo does anything special or amazing for your hair, but for someone who values natural ingredients, and doesn't like SLS, parabens, or phthalates in their hair products, this is amazing! I would love to try more stuff form this line! Thanks Klout!

4. Dove Damage Therapy Energize Conditioner
The only thing this conditioner has going for it is the scent, and even that isn't saying much because I would say the scent is an acquired taste and it just happens to be one I like. I love grapefruit, and I love lemongrass, so the scent was fine, but it stops there. I could see how someone could hate the scent, and I would say that it was particularly "energizing." If I want an energizing bath product it would be a shower gel because scents are more potent with those because you use it on your hold body. In a conditioner, that doesn't lather, or have opportunity to work the smell into the air, coupled with the small area it is used on, the "energize" aspect is kinda dumb. Plus, the conditioner doesn't really do much for your hair. I actually wanna say that it manages to be too heavy for my hair in a bad way, and it doesn't even feel that heavy when you put it on! I won't lie, I bought this on a whim for some reason when I was going into the grocery store to buy a different conditioner. A whim that wasn't worth it! Won't be buying this again. But I wouldn't mind checking out the body wash some day, but I'm in no rush for that.

5. Quattro For Women Sensitive Skin Razor Refill
I have used this razor type for some time now, maybe 2 or 3 years, and it's fine. I like the sensitive skin version of the blades better than the others, but I hate that the razor handle doesn't fit other Schick blades (like the Hydro Silk). I never was interested in trying another blade until the Hyrdo Silk came out, and I won't lie, I love the Hydro Silk way more because it is significantly more hydrating, which is an important shaving factor for me. Will I still buy these again? Probably, because I have the "Trim Style" handle with the trimmer blade on one end so I just hate the idea of having two razors in my shower, one for trimming and one for actual shaving, but I guess I'll be doing that for a while since I bought some Hydro Silk blades at a super good deal recently. If the made a Hydro Silk handle that has a trimmer on it... I'd be in heaven!

6. Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel Mini
I don't know what possessed me to buy the mini version when I was on vacation, but I did, haha. I like this formula, but it isn't the most hydrating, and I came to enjoy the non aerosol version I had previously. I like that it was small so it didn't take long to get through, hence I didn't have to wait long if I wanted to switch to something else. However, ironically, a coupon lured me into buying the full size of this exact version as my replacement. Guess I'll try a new kind AFTER I used up the big size, haha. Weirdly though, this one is blue colored, and the full sized bottle, that I swear is supposed to be the same formula, is pink, haha (I like the pink better!).

7. L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam
I love this. I bought it on a whim when we finally got a local L'Occitane, and I love it. It is gentle without feeling pointless, I love the weird "immortelle" smell that the whole line has, and I want to believe that it helps with brightening (but who knows for sure it a face wash can really do this, haha). I am going to save the bottle because I plan to buy the refill bag instead of buy another bottoe (thank you genius L'Occitane!), so you could say, yes, I am going to rebuy this. I am also super interested in trying out other items in the Immortelle line, like maybe the scrub?

8. Simple Eye Make-Up Remover
I value simple (no pun intended) make up removers because they don't sting, they don't leave behind a residue, but they also do their job. This Simple one does just this! I never had a stingyness or cloudlyness problem ever with this make-up remover and I found myself actually reaching to use it because of that (when previously I was pretty any make-up remover unless I had eyeliner on). Will I rebuy? Definitely! I would just DIE if there was a CVS store brand version too!!

9. Degree Natureffects Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil Invisible Solid
I love the scent, but the formula was meh. I found it to be drying at times (something I HATE in deodorants) and it was "white streak" prone. I do still like Degree deodorants but this one isn't anything special and I only bought it because of the scent. Next time I still to a moisturizing deodorant and the body spray in this scent. No rebuy.

10. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Spf 15 in Tender Rose sample
I love sephora samples. I don't know why I never got a powder sample before because they are super generous with them! I swear this dinky sample lasted me a whole month with pretty much daily/consistent use! Amazing. And it has me sold. I understand the hype and I love it way more than Bare Minerals. I love it some much that I may have already purchased the full size through Amazon O:) It's not bad if it was technically "free" because of stockpiled Amazon giftcards, right? LOVE!

11. Freeman Beauty Facial Hydration Mask Goji Berry
I got this a while back when I used to have MyGlam Bag and forgot about it until now. I had a bad skin reaction to benzol peroxide (due to over use) which left my skin the most dry and grossly flaky I have ever seen! But, I remembered that I had this mask and I think it did help a little. The smell was nice, and though it did sting a big a first I would bet that it normally wouldn't sting because eventually the feeling stopped and it really only stung in the areas that my skin got super red and dry from the benzol peroxide. Would I buy? I think I would! Every now and then I will have a super bad skin day where all I want is a soothing and hydrating mask to make my face less red and to just make it feel better. I don't own any hydrating masks so I think buying one of these on those bad days would totally be a great back up plan!

12. Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter
I am so glad one of my buy friends convinced me to try the non-pepperminty Burt's Bees lip balm because I loved this one too (it came in a 2 pack that had a acai berry one that I also loved). It is hydrating and soothing and has never really let me down. To top it off, I've missed it since it's been gone and can't wait to use up the 4-5 chap sticks I have managed to acquire for free recently (mall event, nivea coupon, sun bum office freebie, etc). Rebuy? Definitely! I would love to try it in other flavors too.

13. L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream Sample
I got this sample from my mom (she manages to hord L'Occitane samples some how...) and I loved it! It had just the right amount for one full face application without extra product, which was nice because I hate when they give you so much that it's like 1.5 or 2 applications and it's like impossible to keep for the next day. The consistency was kind of like  gel cream which felt quite nice and didn't leave me wishing for more. It had the same nice Immortelle scent like the rest of the line, and it just felt nice and refreshing to put on. I would love to try the full size to see if it actually helps with brightening but will probably put that off for a while due to price.

14. ROC Skincare Multi Correxion Nourish Stress Repair Night Cream
I quite liked this but I wouldn't say it is necessary. The AHA at times was a little much for my skin and made it sensitive but I found it to be nice to use as an "in between" moisturizer and would just switch to a different one whenever my skin got sensitive after a few weeks. I don't know how stress relieving the scent is but I loved how thick it was because it just made it feel moisturizing. Not sure if I would buy this myself though. I got it as a free Klout perk, and I'm sure it is expensive since it is ROC. It was nice to use but I am not chomping at the bit to buy it and I wouldn't say I particularly miss it, especially in light of the AHA sensitivity thing.

15. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
Everyone has either owned a pack or currently owns a pack of these sheets, am I right? And we all have the same opinion. It's good, they do their jobs and it's always there for you. I have tried other brands and find them all to be the same (except the Shisedo ones, those are AMAZING and are significantly better than any other ones I've ever used). I will probably always keep buying these because every now and then they go on sale, which is always nice. But are they to live without? No, not this brand. And will do (like the Neutrogina I've tried, the ELF ones that people swear by but I haven't tried yet, or any other drug store ones.)

16. & 17. L'Occitane Delice des Fruits Citron & Clementine Bath Balls
I bought these at the L'Occitane outlet when I was down in Orlando last month in order to qualify for a free gift with purchase. The smell was nice but I think I have been spoiled by LUSH because other than the smell I wouldn't say these bath balls did much. Would say they were a little drying, and really just a nice fuzzy scented bath ball. It was a nice almost free gift but I wouldn't buy them for myself again.

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