Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shoe Collection Organization!

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Rice, from GirlGotGlitter, and I am a shoe-a-holic..... sound familiar? :P As a little girl I never understood why older girls had so many shoes and always wanted new shoes, but now that I am a 20-something I totally understand the addiction. And like most 20-somethings I struggle to find the best way to store my 10 to many pairs of shoes. I recently rearranged my room in my parents house (graduated Law School and moved back home to take the bar exam and am now job hunting. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so supportive! :) ), and as part of the process I had to undo my then current shoe storage system, which basically was to line up my shoes under my little couch. Well, for moving purposes I decided to just pile all my shoes on top of the couch while I pushed it about my room deciding on the final layout, etc... resulting in the following image...

 After seeing all the shoes on top of the couch I just didn't have the heart to put them all back under the couch where they couldn't be seen unless you crouched down and looked under the couch. Not a cute storage system huh? Also, given the new location of my couch further away from my closet it felt "weird" to me to put the shoes over there because it seemed "far" from my closet (given this is just a feeling in the fung shui sense because my room is quite small, haha). I had always see various Pinterest and Youtube postings about shoe storage via bookshelves and always wanted to store my shoes that way but I just never felt so possessed to do it to take all the books of a book shelf and see how my shoes looked and fit. I was always worried that I would take all the effort to take the books off and decide that the idea wasn't as great as it looked on Pinterest and then just have to book all the books back on with nothing to show for all my effort. But, because I was moving my furniture about I took all the books off of one of my bookcases (I have three... don't judge :P) in order to move it across the room because it is literally impossible to move a bookcase with all the books still on it. Well, after I settled on the final space I was tired and didn't feel like putting the books back on and thought I might just leave them there til the next day when I might feel possessed to put the books back... but hark! The shoe storage via bookcase idea was reformed in my mind and I decided to just "try out" what my shoes in the bookcase might look like and was going to be ok with the idea that it might not work because un-shelving a bookcase of shoes is not as annoying as un-shelving and re-shelving books. Turns out I love the result!

What about you guys? Have any genius shoe storage ideas that I don't know about? Do you also store your shoes this way? Comment bellow! :)

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