Saturday, September 15, 2012

Products I Regret Buying!

Ever buy something you thought you were gonna love? And then... regret it? And then want to kick yourself because you can't return it? It happens to the best of us! Here is a couple of things I regret buying. Because I am me, I am determined to finish up these products despite disliking them because I did pay good money for them, they are things that I can't return, and it would be a waste to throw them out.

1. Too Faced Baked Eyeshadows in Magenta Moon and Amber Asteroid.
I bought these shadows in a Too Faced Set that came with a bunch of stuff in a bunch of different categories for a really good price. I was new to makeup and the idea of having a bunch of high end makeup for a really good price must have blinded me to the concept that maybe I should research every item to see if I want them, haha. I have had these shadows for 2 or 3 years now and have only used them a couple times. Why? because they are just boring brown colors with the slightest hint of a color glitter. Not something I really reach for. I also dislike that they are baked and domed so I can't put them in the Z palette (though I may be getting the domed one soon and then I can finally put these in a Z palette!).

2. Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer Mini
This also came in the Too Faced Set with the shadows, but I did like this a lot more than the shadows. I have used this quite a bit, but I am kind of over bronzer, and this has been sitting unused for the majority of the last year. I am having a tough time making myself use up the 3 mini bronzer that I have, but when that day comes, it will be a victorious moment! Then I think I'll just buy the NYC Sunny Bronzer because it's cheap, I won't care if it breaks, and I can use it during those times when I need to transition foundation colors, because that's really the only time I seem to reach for bronzers

3. Urban Decay Grind House Sharpener
To begin with, I hardly ever use this because I never wear eyeliner! Additionally, it is so over priced given the fact that I can get a very similar sharpener that is just a plan black color for $1! I regret this purchase mostly because of the price, and because I never really need it since I hardly ever wear eyeliner. 

4. CoverGirl AquaSmooth Makeup
I remember I bought this because I had a CoverGirl coupon that only worked when you bought 2 items and I bought this on a whim so I could round out the 2 item minimum of the coupon. I swear I have only used it once or twice since. I am determined to use it up after I use up the foundation I bought at the same time as this one (the Natureluxe). I do like that is is a compact cream foundation because I imagine it won't take me ages to use up once I start using it.

5. Nivea Creme
I remember that I bought this at the beginning of the year because if you bought 3 Nivea lotions, or something, you got a free $5 Target giftcard. At the time I was in the market for a lotion so I bought a full sized bottle of lotion and then 2 of these little mini tins of the creme because they were less than a dollar and basically "worth it" just to get the $5 giftcard. I regret the purchase though because I now have two of these and I have hardly even used just one. Some how, after buying these, I managed to accumulate a bunch of hand creams for free (hello L'Occitane coupons, and Birchbox) and these Nivea tins were always pushed to the side because I always though of them as bedside hand cream size. Unlike the other products here, I think I could use this up the fastest by just using it as a body or leg cream/lotion and it would be gone in no time. But, even given that, I still regret the purchase.

6. BareMinerals Brightening Gold Mineral Veil
I am pretty sure I bought this at the same time as the Too Faced set mentioned above. I have used about half of it, but that too time and effort. I like the consistency, but it is just too sparkly to use as a true mineral veil so use is slow going because it has been reduced to use as a highlighter. The problem is, I use highlighters like I use bronzers... not that often and with great effort. Maybe I'll regret this purchase less if I can convince myself to use it more this winter, but even though it came with a free brush, I still regret the purchase.

7. Wet n Wild Cover All concealer
I'm sure most people don't regret Wet n Wild purchases, but it's still a few dollars that could have been spent towards something I would have enjoyed more (like maybe a Wet n Wild eyeshadow or lipstick at least!). I bought this mainly because at the time I had a boyfriend and wanted a concealer to carry in my purse for emergency hickey coverage, haha (we all have dated guys that give you the hickeys without warning, I know I am not alone in my plight! haha). However, I regret the purchase because I don't really ever use concealer except for that purpose. I don't put concealer on blemishes really because I think concealer has a tenancy to make them look worst, and they don't heal as fast. I also don't view myself as having an undereye darkness problem so I have never used concealer for the purpose. I now regret this purchase I seem to have concealer out the wazoo after getting some from Influenster and MyGlam, haha.

So those are most of the products I regret buying. What do you guys regret buying? Any product you agree or disagree with? Comment below and let me know! :)


  1. I regret buying every bronzer I've ever tried...I'm a super pale cool toned girl and they just don't look right on me, as I am physically incapable of tanning, yet I see different toned bronzers and think "well, maybe this one will work..."

    Also, just about every Cover Girl product I've ever bought.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! :) I remember liking some covergirl products in the past (a mascara and a tinted moisturizer) but that was before I got "in to" makeup so I wonder if I'd still like the products now, haha. I'm guessing no! The only covergirl product I like is the NatureLuxe foundation :P

      Thanks for reading! :)