Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kout & Awesome Leather Accessories

I dunno if you guys have heard of Klout yet, but I am hear to enlighten you to its wonders if you haven't! Haha
Klout basically is a site that rewards you for your influence on social media. They give you a klout "score" which measures your level of influence (basically how much your friends pay attention to you) and certain scores let you qualify for different "perks." One of my favorite perks so far was a gift card to which then made me discover the wonders of Boticca (seriously, I love the idea of it, and lots of the designers on there!). The gift card was $25 off a $40 purchase, though most things on the site aren't below $40 because it higher end private designs and stuff. I looked around the site for a while and scoured for something that would be $40 even and have free shipping so it would be the cheapest, but when I came across this leather purse, I was totally ok with paying the difference!

The Brand is Miller and Jeeves the style is the Aubry Pouch in Mocha, the price is $47 and it had free shipping when i bought it, though I think it doesn't anymore. Here is the link if you are interested.

What do you think? Great reward for being social influential no? It was this bag that got be into loving real leather purses and why I subsequently bought my Fossil purse from my previous blog post. It isn't the biggest purse, and pouch is really an accurate description of its size, but I think its perfect for the classy going out look, don't you?

*None of the links are affiliate links, though I would love to be affiliated with both Klout and Boticca professionally! Haha :)*

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