Sunday, June 24, 2012

And Then I Found A Box Of Empties When I Was Unpacking

Just when you thought I was done using up products... I found a bunch of empties that I forgot I had saved for posting on this blog but didn't have time to write about before I moved. Funny how moving can swallow up items and you just forget about them until you finally unpack everything haha.

1. Bath Basics 3 in 1 in Tangerine
Talk about a giant bottle of bubble bath right?! I got this at Rite Aid aaaages ago and, if I recall correctly, this honkin' thing only cost $5! What a fantastic deal! With prices and sizes like these I didn't have to be skimpy and could have a heavenly excessively bubble filled bath :) This foams up and bubbles up quite nicely, and you can smell the scent while your tub is filling, and somewhat while you are soaking. This is just an all around good bubble bath, just nothing spectacular. Buy again? At $5, and with good performance, definitely. When you think about it, those expensive bubble baths seem silly even if they are a little better than this because with this being cheaper you don't have to be skimpy. Also, I loved using this with some Coconut Oil added into my bath to make it moisturizing. Now, when you consider the price of coconut oil and this together... you really don't need to splurge on expensive bubble baths :P

2. Mainstays Candle in Wild Honeysuckle
This is a $1 candle from Walmart, so I don't know why I was expecting much. Needless to say, this candle was a total let down. The only time you can smell the scent is when you sniff it in the store, never could smell it when it was burning. Not even when I was hovering right over it! These could be nice for light purposes like in the summer at night with a bonfire, because then you don't really care about the scent, and $1 would be a good price for something of that purpose. Would I buy again? Never again for room scent purposes. Will keep it in mind for unscented candle purposes though because the little jar looks nice and the label is easy to take off.

3. Lip Vitamins Lip Balm in Peach Mango
You might recall my hauling this from Claire's for a whopping $1 on sale! For it only costing $1 I didn't expect wonders, but I was super surprised and got great results! It was actually extremely moisturizing, almost like a lip butter or something. At first I thought the oval shape of the tube was a little weird, but that I found myself loving that aspect of it too! Buy again? Really considering it! Next time I spot one of those Claire's 10 for 10 deals, I might have to stock up on these and check out some other flavors. Watch me never find it again though, haha. Anyone know anywhere that carries these chapsticks other than Claire's?

4. Tretinoin Cream
My opinion hasn't changed since the first time I emptied a tube of this: see this post. 2 down 4 to go.

5. Deep Sea Cosmetics Hand and Body Lotion Sample
So this was one of those samples that those kiosk guys at the mall hand you and then try to talk you into buying their product. I, however, am the queen of playing such players and take the sample when they hand it to me without slowing down my pace and just keep walking. If you don't stop and don't hesitate they are completely disarmed and know that you are totally calling them out, haha. The guy even tried a section tactic of saying I dropped something, so I turned my head, while still walking, then he laughed because he knew I wasn't fooled and gave me a wink, almost like it was for respect to a fellow player, hahahahaha. Anyway, on to the product itself. This lotion is nothing special. It smells soapy, which I don't really hate, but was expecting something more "exotic" or something since it claims to be from the Dead Sea. Buy full size? Not a chance. Probably too expensive for what it is, plus don't want to deal with those kiosk people, haha.

6. Nivea Essentially Enriched Daily Lotion
This lotion was just fine. I got it one sale at Target, so that was nice since it was about half price (and who will complain about half price Nivea?). I found that it was actually really nice and moisturizing! I did think that it could be a little greasy, but I was willing to deal with they because it moisturized so nicely. I does have a kind of medicinal powdery smell that reminds me of nurses and hospitals for some reason, haha. But again? I might, though it being on sale maybe they are discontinuing it? Definitely not running to get it right away because I am always wanting to try new body lotions. If I can find something that gives the results of this lotion but with a nice smell, and maybe less of a greasy feeling, then we'll be talking!

7. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Travel Sized
I will admit I was a little underwhelmed by this product. I am super glad I got to try it out at half price though, since I am ALWAYS hearing about this product, so of course wanted to try it out myself. I didn't think this did anything spectacular, but I didn't hate it. I did think it helped a little with moisture and taming frizz. However, I don't really like the smell. While I don't think I would buy this product again, I am open to considering other products in the line, especially if those smell better, haha.

8. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Travel Sized
Now this is a GEM of a product, and I practically got this for pennies when I got it half off like the Its's a 10. I think this cost me a whopping $2.25. That, my friends, is a great price to sample a product at this size! Birtchbox, take note! I think this would be a great thing to put in a future box! haha. Anyway, on to my opinion. I loved this. Even though its a serum, I never felt like this was thick or sticky, just absorbed into my hair without looking like I used to much! I also loved how light this was on my hair while still giving great frizz fighting results! And, can I also mention the smell? It is divine! Buy the full size? I am REALLY considering it, but the price tag is holding me back. Going to use up more of what I have, and maybe try some cheaper alternatives first before biting that bullet. Hey, even if I don't find a cheaper alternative, they will just give me a better appreciation for this product and all it can do, haha!

9. Glade Candle in Cool Serenity
I have reviewed many a candle, and quite a few Glade ones at this point to really know what I want from a candle at this point. The smell was fine, but a little mediocre and nothing special. The burn wasn't clean, but the scent did emanate a decent amount form the candle while it burned. Buy again? Not this scent, but probably will still buy Glade candles, even thought they aren't my favorite. The price is just good for something that doesn't last a super long time.

10. Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Formula
I don't think I posted an empties post the last time I used up a half-used tube of Cortizone, but it was equally victorious then as this one is now! Haha. I feel like I always have tubes of Cortizone hanging around foreverrrr because I always find myself needing some when traveling but forgot to bring it so would have to buy another one. This had me up to three tubes going all at the same time at one point. But this one marks the end of my superfluousness cortizone stage, haha, for I actually had to go buy some after using up this tube because I had no tubes left! Thank you empties quest for giving the strength and appreciation to make this moment possible. LOL Too much emotion about cortizone? Anyway, buy again? Cortizone, yes. This formula? Probably not. Didn't think this was any different than regular Cortizone.

11. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish in Champagne Toast
I loved this nail polish so was a little bummed when I found that the lid to this became just impossible to open! Haha. Even though I perhaps could have gotten it open by soaking it in nail polish remover or something, I've had this bottle since about 2007 or so, and it was getting a little thick anyway. I do however love the color, and it drys in a pretty decent amount of time. All nail polish chips on my nails, so this wasn't anything special in that category. But, this was a nice staple color, and it never failed me. Buy again? I think I will when I need this color again or actually use up more nail polish.

12. Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Sample Size in Malibu Heat
Glad I got this for free with a coupon (though only saved myself a dollar, haha) because I hated the scent. It just seemed so cliche and not unique at all. I am used to BBW lotions having a complex scent of a few things together but this seemed just one dimentional and unoriginal. A was a nice summer like smell, but not my style. The formula of this lotion is just fine, nothing special. Buy again? Definitely not this scent, and probably not the lotion in another scent since its not any better than drug store lotions.

13. Physicians Formula Moisture Balance Ultra-Hydrating Day & Night Cream
To put it plainly, this product SUCKED. It stung my face, was way overpriced at $20, and just didn't do anything for me. Once I got about half way through and fed up with the stinging I decided to use it as a body lotion just to use it up but even there it still sucked! It was totally rolly and gross as a body lotion. Buy again? Never, and I'm not interested in the other stuff in their new line after my horrors with this.

14. Bodycology Nourishing Body Cream in Cloud Nine
This was ok, but not amazing. The smell was fine, but got old and annoying after a while. The lotion formula is quite nice so I wouldn't be adverse to trying out other scents. This smaller size is nice because you can use it as a hand cream, though its a little greasy for that. It is also the perfect size for one full body application, which I think is great for trying out a scent on the cheap because I wanna say this only cost $2 at Target. They make the scents in body sprays and perfumes and stuff, so I think its great that you could try a scent for $2 before committing to a more expensive bigger size.

15. Mai Couture Oil Blotting Sheets in Lavender
I didn't hate these, but I am glad that I got them for free/super cheap in my December MyGlam bag when I was subscribed to them for a hot second. The sheets are fine, and the lavender smell doesn't bother me, but the thing holding me back from really liking them is the fact then whenever I used them I felt I had to use 2x as many sheets as I do with other brands. Other brands I only need one sheet for my whole face, but with these I needed two, every time. Would I buy them in the future? I don't think so, while they aren't terribly expensive, they are still too expensive for something that I use at 2 at a time. Maybe if I only could use one sheet then I would consider it, because I like the little booklet format these come in. I wouldn't be upset if I got them for free or as a gift though.

16. Arquiste Perfume Sample in Flor y Canto
I got this in my May Birchbox, and I just love the scent. It is a fresh but mature floral scent that reminds me of my mother, and just screams beauty to me. I would LOVE to own the full size of this perfume, but at $165 for only 55ml, I don't see it ever happening unless I become a very rich person haha. I would just die if I got this as a gift though. I adore that I got to try out something so luxurious through birchbox, just wish the brand sold rollerballs or something, then I think I might be able to buy it haha. Maybe if my blog gets more followers and I can get referral birchbox points my dream could become a reality, haha. :P Wanna help? Here is my referral link if you wanna sign up for birchbox and help me out: click here my lovelies.

17. Bath and Body Works Mini Shower Gel in Wild Citrus Sunflower
I bought a bunch of BBW stuff and then returned a bunch when I decided the scents weren't worth it and my money was better spent on an awesome super on sale Fossil purse (check out my previous post featuring it). This shower gel, however, was the only product to survive the return spree because I legitimately loved the scent so much that I wanted to use it all. It is a fun fruity scent with a slight floral backnote, and is just fun and refreshing to use in the shower! Buy again? I might when the spring stuff goes on sale! I would adore getting it as a gift too. In the meantime I'll be using some much cheaper shower gels that cost half the price of this and is like 8x the size haha.

18. Crest Sensitivity Clinical Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste.
I liked this toothpaste, but I'm not sure I would re-buy it. I think it helps somewhat with sensitivity but I think Sensodyne does it a lot better and a lot faster. I did like the taste, and I think it helped maintain the whiteness of my teeth, which was nice.

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