Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gigundo Empties Post

I am SO proud of this empties post because it is so well rounded, and because I found a lot of things that I loved. Hope you enjoy! :)

1. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash
I used up this body wash because it was sitting around my parents house not being used since it used to be my sisters but she moved out and moved far away, never to return to use this body wash, haha. So, I figured I should give it a good home in my loofa and see whats up with it since my sister ALWAYS gets this body wash. The verdict? It's ok. I didn't notice anything spectacular about it moisturizing and soothing itchy skin, but I think that is because I don't really suffer from that problem like my sister does. It smells kinda funky, but I didn't hate it so much that if I did need to use this for itchiness reasons, I could deal with it. Would I buy it? Probably not, unless my sister convinced me I needed it for hypothetical dry skin of the future.

2. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Sample in Nude.
I got this little sample at CVS when this makeup first came out. I always love a free sample, and have always wanted to try a Colorstay line foundation. While this sample was suuuper tiny and only really covered my cheeks (and just barely that, haha), I did find myself liking it. It didn't break me out, and I like the way it felt when I put it on. I didn't notice anything about my cheeks looking different later in the day than the rest of my face where I had used the Vitalumere Aqua, which is good! While this is a pricier drug store foundation, around $12 I think, I am considering buying it after I run out of my Chanel, because they felt so similar going on. I just hope I can get a good color match in the lighter shades below nude!

3. Kat Von D Autograph Liner in Love Metal
I honestly bought this in like 2008 or something, and because of that fact I think it is time to toss it. While it still applies nicely, it burns like I-don't-know-what if you get it in your eyes, which is probably due to its age. I am pretty sure it was this product that got me really into gunmetal as my favorite color, so it is bittersweet to see this go, especially since it is still about half full. Buy again? Perhaps if I really had a need for a colored liquid liner like this. I honestly have no idea how I used up as much as I did since I hardly wore it haha. Def love the Kat Von D line, and will be checking out more of her stuff in the future :)

4. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Distortion
Same story with this as the Kat Von D, though this one was purchased after the Kat Von D, just still ancient, haha. I love love LOVE the color and the way it applies, and I never really had much of a eye-burning problem with this liner as the other one, but sometimes it could get a little itchy in its old age. Buy again? I think I would if I could snag it at a bargain. While I never used it enough to really justify buying it again, I wouldn't mind having it again because I always found that it came in handy for costume events or a glitzy going out look. Hautelook I'm look at you to bring this back into my life! Haha.

5. Sun Bum Chapstick
So sad to see this go! You might remember my mini haul of this back when I was on vacation in December. I have been using it off and on since then, so that's probably why this lasted me so long. I LOVE this chapstick, and will definitely be buying it again when I get the chance! Whats not to love? The formula is light and greasy in a good way, it has 30+ SPF, so perfect for sun worshiping, it tastes and smells like juicy fruit... it has an awesome money head on the top of the cap; it really is perfection, haha. The only down side is that the label that goes around the tube gets easily scuffed up (but the monkey on the top is quite safe, secure, and un-scuffed, which is the important thing, obviously).

6. Pure Coconut Oil
I bought this giant thing last summer at a vitamin store and have never regretted the purchase. I love the stuff, and it has so many uses! My personal favorite use is to add a dollop to your bubble bath to turn it into a moisturizing bath! But it is also great for hair masks (though can be a little messy so be careful), and body moisturizing. Buy it again? I might if I come across a smaller container, because this thing just looked crazy on my counter, haha, but definitely will still be seeking out products that contain coconut oil.

7. Aveeno Positivey Smooth Shave Gel
I bought this slightly on a whim when I just wanted to try a new shave gel because I had gotten bored with all the other choices that are out there. For some reason the idea of it letting me shave less often just hooked me, and once I smelled it I was definitely sold; it smells kinda like play-doh in all the best ways :P I don't think it actually did anything to let me shave less often though. It did perform well in all its shaving gel duties, and it never stung, or gave me razor burn. I also love the packaging because its matte and just has a nice feel to it. It also has a rust proof bottom, which is definitely true because it never rusted even in the slightest during the time ti lived in my shower. Buy it again? Yep definitely, just gonna try out a fun summer scented one next I think.

8. Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
It's the classic heat tamer spray. It does its job, it sprays nicely (though I always pour it in a small travel sprayer when I use it because I just find that is easier), and it smells nice. I have nothing too passionate to say about it either way though. This was my second bottle I have used up in my life so I think I am going to try out a new brand's heat protector next just to try something new, but this will always be a go to steady in my life. Plus its super cheap! Always a bonus!

9. Redkin Nature's Rescue Radient Sea Spray
I bought this back in Janurary after remembering that a Youtube guru I watch loved it last summer so I decided to give it ago. I do love the scent that it gives your hair, and I do think it can last quite a bit in your hair. My favorite is when I spray it in my hair after a shower before bed, and then when I ruffle my hair in the morning it smells super fresh. I do think it is pretty expensive for a product that is a hair perfume. It was fun while it lasted but I don't think I would ever buy it again. I would love getting it as a gift or something though. I wonder if I can dupe it with a cheaper body spray or something and just spray that in my hair? Suggestions? Comment below, haha. :P

10. ELF Makeup Mist & Set
I honestly can't remember why I bought this, but I remember being on a mission to get it at Target and felt very victorious when I got it, haha. I don't think it really makes your makeup last longer but it was great for what I used it for: to spray on after applying power to get ride of that "powdery" look since I tend to use too much power just to use up the powder on my Kill It Quest faster, haha. It has a strange smell but it doesn't last after it dries, so it's a whatever point. At $3 this is fabulous, and I love the size of it. Buy it again? Definitely will at that price, especially if I have more "powdery"ness issues in the future.

11. L'Oreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo
I bought this with low expectations because I had heard mixed reviews about it on the internet but was feeling compelled to try it for myself, and I also needed a few dollars for a CVS bonusbuck deal if I recall and this was the perfect amount to reach the threshold, haha. I am glad I did it though because I learned that I quite like this shampoo. While it does have some derrivative sulfate-like ingredients, and you can tell by how it does lather up a bit, I do think it is better for your hair because it doesn't really strip it of much, but in a good way. Some people have complained that their hair didn't feel clean after using this, but I always shampooed twice, and didn't use the accompanying conditioner, so maybe that was a key to my success? It also has a nice kind of cinnamon-y smell. Buy it again? Yep, I think I would, just have other things to explore first.

12. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
When I bought this I wanted to try out the Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner, as well as their new Nourishing Oil line so when I saw that both things were put together in one product I was sold, and I loved every second of this conditioner! Firstly, I never knew Dove smelled this fantastic! Where has Dove been all my life!? No more wasting my time with Herbal Essences, the smell of Dove is just so divine in comparison! Secondly, I think this performed rather well! While my hair wasn't magically changed, I think it did improve my hair, and it was always a pleasant experience to use. Buy again? Definitely. I think I might try the non-nourishing oil version of the daily treatment, as well as just the Nourishing Oil line actual oil and see how that works for my hair. If that isn't as good, that I am definitely returning this baby!

13. Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner
I was STOKED when I got this in my May Birchbox because I have been stalking this line for years at Sephora but just never had tried it til now. It always sounded like a product I would love, but I learned that I'm glad I didn't buy the full size all those times I considered it. The smell of this product is just something I can't work with. I can't even describe the scent, but I just know that I don't like it, and I don't care how magical the results might be. I used this twice (though really one and a half), because that's how many uses I could get out of it, and didn't notice any magical difference. I wouldn't doubt that maybe longer use of this product could convince me of its great ways, but the smell... I just wouldn't be able to get past it to use up a whole full sized bottle (kind of very similar to the issue I had with the equally hyped Joico conditioner I tried). Buy full sized? Obviously not.

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