Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vacation Sunblock Haul

So I had to buy new sunblock because I used up the one I was using before by Banana Boat. This conveniently happened the day before I decided to drive down to Cocoa Beach, FL and have a surf lesson so I decided to just buy a new one when I got there. I meant to buy something that the beloved Ron Jon but I actually am glad that I decided to wait until I checked out the Cocoa Beach Surf Company's store because I found this brand Sun Bum there that wasn't at Ron Jon! I will admit that what drew me to the products were the awesome monkeys. I didn't even plan to buy the chapstick but when I saw the chapstick by the register and saw that the monkey face was on the cap of the chapstick, I had to have it so I bought it to. What I came to realize later (while reading the product labels while sunbathing) was that the sunblock (but not the chapstick) is Paraben free AND is a local product made at Cocoa Beach, FL! I am a sucker for local brands, and I just find it hilarious that even without consciously doing it I was able to buy a local branded sunblock. Now that I know it is a local brand, I will be sure to buy more if it the next time I am in Cocoa Beach!

Mini Review: I like this Sun Bum block better than the Banana Boat Dry Oil block I was using before, both are SPF 15, which I use when I tan so I don't burn. Sun Bum feels lighter on the skin and doesn't have the obnoxious banana coconut smell that Banana Boat has (though I do enjoy that scent ever now at then). It has, perhaps, a subtle scent but I have never noticed it. Also, I like that this product looks less oily on your skin. The BB Dry Oil is a LOT less oily looking that their regular block that isn't the "Dry Oil" tanning type, but is still oily compared to Sun Bum. The chapstick is nice because it has spf 30 in it! I also enjoy its strange juicy fruit-like flavor, haha. It is almost a oily application though because it goes on lightly, almost like how pure coconut oil feels.

What about you guys? Have you ever heard of or used Sun Bum products? Have any cool local-to-you favorites that I should try if I ever pass through your town? Comment bellow and let me know!

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