Saturday, December 17, 2011

No pierced ears? No problem!

I witnessed something amazing today. So, I didn't have pierced ears until I was 18 and could sign for them myself, so I spent many years lamenting over all the cute earrings I couldn't wear and just hated all of the clip on ones I ever saw for sale. I wish I had known about the idea I saw today then! If you don't have pierced ears and know the feeling I am talking about then read on because do I have an earth shattering idea for YOU!

Voila! Hook your earrings to your head scarf and its like you have pierced ears! I saw this amazing concept on a Muslim woman walking down the street. I don't know if she did it because she didn't have pierced ears (because it is more likely that she hooked them on the scarf because she is required to wear the scarf over her whole head including here ears) but I thought it was an amazing idea for both those girls and women who wear headscarves and those that don't have pieced ears.

What do you think? A good idea? Would you rock it? Let me know below!

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