Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beauty New Years Resolutions

It's almost new years, yay! And with new years, everyone knows, comes new years resolutions! I usually only make one specific personal resolution that I don't tell anyone, and also make resolutions throughout the year, but I thought this year it would be fun to have a couple beauty resolutions! Here is what I decided on:

1. I will not buy an eye shadow pallet unless I hit pan on two more shadows in my Kat Von D pallet (for a total of 4). I am thinking I will be able to at least accomplish this with the silver shade. The 2nd shade will be a tougher commitment. Perhaps I can find a way to make the matte brown work for me that doesn't take a huge amount of time.

2. Finish my Kill It! quest in its entirety. The BE Warmth and my Kat Von D pallet will take some commitment and will be the last ones I finish. I am seeing some progress with the bronzer, though it is slow. Kat Von D is showing a slight dip in the silver color so I'll just have to make sure to continue to use it!

3. Decrease my stash value to under $800 via using up things and cheaper and better replacements. Next semester I will essentially be living without parent help until after school so this may just happen out of necessity and I am ok with that. If anyone has any drugstore loves they would like to recommend please pass them along!

What are your new years resolutions? Any beauty related ones?

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