Monday, August 22, 2011

Kill It!

So, like Project 10 Pan, I'm trying to use up products in order to justify buying new things. While here I am going to list 10 items that are on the Hit List to be Killed, this project extends much further and only represent the beginning of this question. As I finish each product I'll update this blog and write a review of each item. If I finish any other items then these items I'll include those in a later Product Purge Post along with this items. So, without further ado, here are the items on my Hit List:

1. Spring Valley Hair, Skin & Nails Dietary Supplement.
Why: I bought these when I had a big issue with splitting, breaking, chipping nails caused by using a super cheap nail polish without a base coat. However, I have not noticed any kind of difference while using these supplements. My nails are better now but not because of this supplement but because of recognizing what cause the problem, avoiding it, and allowing my nails to grow out health again.
9/3/2011 Ok, I will admit that I cheated a little with this product and didn't take the last 30 or so and instead threw them away. BUT! I had a bad omen so I thought it was a sign to just throw it away. I was only taking these just to finish them and when I took one today I totally had a super un-cute moment and like gagged/choked on it. I am fine, but it wasn't one of my cuter moments. Haha. Afterward I took it as a sign that I should just be done with them so the remaining pills went in the trash haha. Anyone else ever have a product that does something bad/creepy that the product just has to go no matter how must is left or how much it cost?

2. Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairspray
Why: While I like this hairspray quite a bit, especially because it is non aerosol (can we say travel-sized-sprayer ability!), I want it out of my life due to the fact that I have a long line of hair products waiting to get used up.
10/10/11 I really like this hairspray! Because it is so light it is easy to brush out after my work day and still have cute hair. I also like that it is not aerosol, yay for the environment, plus yay for better control over the product. One my mission to use up this hairspray I discovered that I have become a little obsessed now with sleek clean looking hair and can't stand un-hairsprayed whispys haha. I would love to buy this hairspray again, but I have a big can of "Big Sexy Hairspray" to use up, and may want to try another brand's version of a light hairspray before returning back to this one.

3. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Weightless Anti-Frizz Serum
Why: This has been in my hair product collection for like literally at least 6 years and I'm only half done. I want it out of my life because I only kind of like it and I'm ready to move on to other hair serums. Managed to finish 1/4th of it this spring when I was on a mission to kill it then but got distracted by other products to finish that mission. While resume the mission when I finish item 4 listed below.
12/31/11 Me and this product have gone through a lot together and I can't believe it is finally empty! I had times when I loved this product, even while trying to get through it (which made it easier to finish because I WANTED to use the product) but I also had times when I felt that it was easy to use too much product and my hair would look a touch greasy. I love the smell. I think this would be a green rated product if I felt it get good results when I air dried my hair, not just when I blow dry it. It could also be a better at de-frizzing. I may repurchase this in the very distant future because I wanna try more hair products out, especially some hair oils, but I wouldn't say I would never repurchase it. I do love that the new (which probably only seems new to me haha) container for this product is much nicer because it isn't an awkward globe anymore and I feel like that makes it look more manageable finishing-wise, haha. We shall see if we are reunited sometime. It's been real!

4. Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Targeted Leave-In Treatment
Why: While I loved this product for a while, it needs to go because I realised what I really loved was the Conditioner friend of this product, not this leave-in treatment. I'd rather spend the money on the conditioner not this. Luckily after using this product all summer I only have a little bit left. Will probably be the first item to go.
9/1/11 Now that I have finished this product, I am quite sure about what I said before. I do like it, but I think the treatment alone doesn't add much to my hair's health. It certainly doesn't do anything negative. I do love the packaging. While it makes it seem you aren't getting that much product, you in fact are. I think this whole container lasted me like 4 or 5 months with daily use! And, for lazy people like me, since the bottle is so slender, when you hit the bottom you won't be wasting much product if you get ride of it once it stops dispensing. While there is some product you could attempt to scrape out, I am lazy and wasn't that smitten.

5. Bare Minerals  Warmth.
Why: I got this over a year and a half ago and I'm still only about half way through and this is the small size! I want it out of my life because I hate that its a loose powder and not pressed. While I am not wild and crazy about bronzer, I can't justify buying any other bronzer until this one is dead. Gonna be a while though. I'm just happy it isn't a full sized product!

6. Cover Girl TruBlend Micro Minerals Finishing Veil
Why: While I got this super on sale at my grocery store because they are discontinuing the line AND I had a coupon, I wish I hadn't bought it. Weird smell, not very effective, hate the packaging. Can't wait to have this out of my life!
6/1/2012 FINALLY! While I hated the product, and the packaging for making me look powdering and just being annoying, I can't argue that this purchase wasn't a good deal! For a loose powder this felt like it last me for way longer than I anticipated, over a year with heavy use! Definitely moving on from this product, and wouldn't repurchase again even if it wasn't discontinued, but it has given me a new lease on drug store loose powders. Have a pressed powder to use up next, we'll see if I want to move back to loose powders again after that one.

7. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven
Why: While I looove love loooove this palette, I wanna hit pan on at least one more shadow or use up entire shadow some day in order to justify buying another palette some day in the future. While my Inglot Palette will appease my want to buy the "Saint" version of this palette, I am likely going to want to buy more shadows some day and if I can hit pan or use up more of these shadows I can feel justified in the sacrilegious action of depoting this palette into my Z Palette one day and having a different palette for travel!

8. Sephora Brand Lip Gloss in Bronzed Beauty
Why: I have been on a mission to kill this lip gloss this summer and am getting quite close. Started full, and only have maybe 1/4th left. Got this as a birthday gift at Sephora at the beginning of my make-up love. Want it dead because I have a bunch of other lip glosses I have randomly acquired somehow (because I never seek them out, don't really love them) and want to kill those too.
10/25/2011 Finished a lip product that isn't a chap-stick! Woo hoo! I really enjoyed this color actually as far as lip glosses go. I probably won't re-buy it only because I never buy lip glosses, they just seem to come to me, or are just included in a gift or set where I like everything else in it and there happens to be a lip gloss. Or it was was free as in the case with this one (Sephora Birthday gift in 2009 I think, old, I know, but no smell or consistency issues)

9. Degree Nature Effects Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil Body Mist
Why: One day in spring I was really jonesing for a perfume that was honeysuckle scented and then I stumbled upon this in Walmart. It was ment to be. I loved it. But its been a few months and my craving has subsided. Luckily this wasn't that big and seemed to last for the perfect amount of time. Still have a little left and shouldn't have to suffer too long. Still love the product but just over my Honeysuckle phase. If I ever have another phase I know where to go.
9/4/2011 Finally finished it! Still love it, even if the scent is kinda sheer and doesn't necessarily last all day. Truly quenches my honeysuckle fix so if I have another phase with that scent I'll know where to turn :)

10. Victoria's Secrety Sheer Fragrance Mist in At First Sight
Why: Bought this because I liked the scent in a moisturizer so when I had a coupon that allowed me to get this practically free I bought it. However I don't really like the scent in the mist form, was much better in the moisturizer. So, trying to use it up to justify other perfume purchases. But, from this experience I learned that I get over perfumes after awhile so won't be buying big body sprays any more. Glad I learned something, not happy I still have more than half of this bottle to suffer through
11/3/2011 DONE! Still have the same opinion about the scent. Wouldn't repurchase the scent but would perhaps the actual product (luckily I still have 1.25 bottles in Girl's Night left so no shopping for me!).


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