Monday, September 5, 2011

Steals and Deals: $100/90 Anthropolgy Sweater for $10 and $38 Collective Skirt for $8!!!!

So I don't know if any of you have heard of the magical place called Gabriel Brothers, or its brother company Rugged Warehouse? It is truely a magical place. It had name brand designers for less like Marshalls and TJMaxx does, but usually for even better prices! To find the real deals you have to be willing to dig and go through everything but it is so victorious when you find things like I did last week!

So while waiting for an oil change at my car dealership place I saw a sign for Rugged Warehouse in the shopping center accross the street and just KNEW I had to go after my car was done because I knew about the wonders of Gabriel Brothers in Pennsylvania and also knew that Rugged Warehouse was supposed to be the same. I never knew that there were any Rugged Warehouses in MD or even that one would be super close to me! So I was ECSTATIC!

As you can probably tell from the title I got two amaaaaazing deals there.

The first was from the tiny little Anthropologie rack, that I really did freak out over the fact that there even was a rack. Then I freaked out more when I found this goooorgeous sweater. Its a size large, but I don't even care! It's moth brand, its gorgeous, is bordeaux, it has buttons on the shoulders, its wool. I. am. in. love. AND IT WAS ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!! Anthropologie for 10 freakin' dollars! I have died and gone to heaven! I love practically everything from Anthropologie but have never been able to even afford their sale items haha.
Here is a similar item being sold on the Anthropologie website so you can compare the price difference etc:

The second item was on the Urban Outfitters rack that I almost didn't see! And then also mildly freaked out over once I found it. Wasn't as earth shaking as the Anthropologie rack, but was still super exciting. For some reason Rugged Warehouse seems to have every cute thing in like size 10, and not something even remotely close to my size, but then I found this skirt! In my size! In bordeaux! In a style I've wanted to try after seeing Sarah Hawkinson haul some similar UO skirts in a youtube video (don't know which so just linked her blog. Isn't posted on her blog as far as I can tell). And I got this for only $8! OMG! I could wear this for one season and be justified in the purchase. But the quality is SO good because its UO, so I think it'll last me quite a while! Yippie! Cuz I've been trying to get a nice skirt collection because I literally only have like 4 in styles/patterns that are hard to style in more than one outfit each haha. This one should be more versatile :)
Here is a similar item being sold on the Urban Outfitters website so you can compare the price difference etc:

As you can see I was really feeling the bordeaux that day! haha. I didn't own anything in bordeaux until now. I think it is a prgression from my purchasing of pink items this summer, a color I also didn't really have anything. Bordeaux is kinda like the fall version. But I love it even more than my pink phase. How did I ever go without bordeaux in my wardrobe until now???!!!

I also got a pair of earrings for like 3 dollars or something, but was a nothing brand so haven't taken a picture or anything. If someone is super interested, comment below and I'll edit the post and include it.

What about you guys? Have any secret good-deal places? Make any amazing purchases recently for ridiculously low prices? Share your steals and deals in the comments below or leave me a link to your blog post! :)

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