Friday, August 19, 2011


Went to NYC this week for 2 days and went to INGLOT! YAAAAAYYY!!!
After wandering around Chelsea Market and then realizing Inglot was on a different floor and you had to use a specific elevator to get there, I finally got to Inglot and had a good ole time. The set up was slightly weird since I'm used to a more consumer like setting. It felt more like a salon or something and that make up artists are really the only ones who go there, but whatever. I asked for assistance once I knew what I wanted, they retrieved my items, and I was on my way. Here is what I got (two shots or same palette to try and show color better):

In order the colors are: Matte 390, Pearl 402, and Pearl 422

Much better than buying a palette with only a few colors I love, eh? :P 

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