Thursday, January 5, 2012

L'Oreal 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow

L'Oreal 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow!!

I don't know about you guys but I have been DYING for the drugstore brands to kick their cream shadows up a notch when it comes to choice and quality. I know of a few drug store cream shadows but I have never heard many amazing things about them from bloggers and gurus who seem the most like me.

I vaguely recall hearing about this product a while back but never saw it around because I think it only was released in the US fairly recently. Needless to say, when I saw this product at CVS I had to buy it despite my Kill It Quest because I didn't know if I would ever stumble upon them again! Haha. I'm going to justify the purchase with the fact that I don't own any cream eye shadows and I was looking for something to replace Wet 'N Wild Brule for when I kill it totally soon.

I for one am stoked that it was L'oreal that decided to take the first real plunge into higher quality cream shadows. I haven't used may of their products myself, but I always hear good things and I have always meant to try them out as they always seemed high quality drug store to me.

The colors that I chose were 888 Iced Latte, a champagne shimmery shade, and 899 Endless Pearl, a matte beige shade. First I will say that the name "Endless Pearl" is misleading because it acts like a matte shade for me so I dunno why it has the word "Pearl" in it, when that makes me think of shimmer, but maybe that is just me? Also, if you stumble upon the display for this product you will notice that these are basically the 2 most neutral shades as a lot of them are quite bold.

REVIEW: I found that these cream shadows were dryer and more powdery than I expected, especially when compared to something like Make Up Forever Aqua Creams, but I don't think that it affects the performance of the product. I actually think that allows one to use less product when applying because it makes it harder to pick up too much.

I found that the Endless Pearl shade to be quite similar to Wet 'N Wild's Brule but more of a yellow undertone while Brule has a warmer pink undertone.

Iced Latte is like a true champagne color without being that cliche "pinky peach" color. It makes Stila Kitten look really peach and orange in comparison and makes Sephora Peach Beige look almost silvery and pink. Despite all three colors being quite similar and in the same champagne family, there is some noticeable different when put side by side. Also, the shimmer in Iced Latte is quite fine and subtle whereas Kitten has a strong shimmer quality that makes it feel like it is a larger shimmer but still not at the level of glitter. When compared to Sephora Peach Beige which is also a fine shimmer, some how Iced Latte is subtler, almost as if  the shimmer is less dense but in a good way because sometimes over application of Peach Beige can start to look foil-y by accident.

The way I like to apply these is not much different from my go to neutral look of Brule all over, and Peach Beige on the lid (and recently I have been adding the silver shade in my Kat Von D Palette to taupe-a-fy it! It's a new love). I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer, applied Endless Pearl all over, and concentrated Iced Latte only on the lid. I think the yellow-ness of Endless Pearl is going to take some time to adjust to and work with since I have more of a warm undertone, but definitely will be enjoying Iced Latte because it looks so nice and I think it will be an easy swipe-and-go color for class next semester.

SIDE NOTE: I am so proud of my pans in Brule and Peach Beige! Peach Beige took a conscious 1.5 month effort to make that pan this fall that I actually wore it to work every day in October and November! Hitting pan on Peach Beige almost allows me to justify the purchase of Iced Latte! Haha

What about you guys? Have you been able to find this product? What do you think of it? Any other colors you recommend? Comment below :)

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