Friday, January 20, 2012

Purge 10

1. (Not Pictured) Incoco Nail Polish Applique in Sparkly Blue
For review of this click here.
The only change from that review is that when I returned to my appliques a week or two later to do the second mancure I found that the stickers were dry and unable to be used. Learned my lesson: must seal the little envelope it came in in order to preserve the stickers' stickiness. Bummer that I didn't know that before because I was looking forward to more sparky blue nails. Guess there is always my Zoya blue sparkles

2. (Not Pictured) Sun Bum SPF 15+ Continuous Spray Sunscreen
For more info on this product check out my previous post.
Loved this stuff. Lovely subtle smell (which is a nice break after the strong Banana Boat smell of my other sunblock). Effective for tanning. LOVE the packaging. Will repurchase when I am in the market for sun screen again and I am either down in Coco Beach or are desperate enough to order it online.

3. Veet Fast Acting Cream Hair Remover
I like the product over all, minus the funky amonia/veet smell, but it is effective. Just wish it didn't take some much product to get results. I may purchase this again, just gotta think about whether it is cost effective or really works better/long than just regular shaving. I did like that it was moisturizing though!

4. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
I love the packaging! The product is fine, though feels a lot lighter than I thought it would, oh well. It does the job. I treated it like a regular conditioner rather than a deep conditioner. I will probably buy this again at some point. Maybe I can find a way to use this dispenser for other hair products....

5. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub
I liked this scrub but not for what I thought it would do. It ended up being the middle child of the La Rocca scrub I tried, and the Bath and Body Works one I loved this summer. It left a bit of a greasy layer after scrubbing, but was more olive oily feeling rather than petroleum jelly feeling like the La Rocca was. I think I would have LOVED this product had it been lighter like the Bath and Body Works one, but I did like using this body shop one on my legs because then if I forgot to moisturize after showering, I was still good to go! Haha. Loved the scent, may check out other Body Shop products, but not sure because of the crazy pricing, may just stick to Bath and Body Works. 

6. Sephora Brand Lip Gloss in Rosy Glow
Another lip product down! Just one more left in the trio! Woo hoo! I now have confidence in my ability to use up lip products (if only I had more confidence in using up eye shadow... -____-). I found myself really liking this product, which is odd because I don't really like lip gloss to begin with. I liked that it was rather thin, which let me be ok with wearing it on its own without lip balm under neither. After a few times having to do this out of desperation of my chapped lips and not having lip balm on me, I found that this lip gloss is decently moisturizing, when I thought it would make my chapped lips worse, bonus! I am quite sure I liked this more than the Bronzed Beauty color I used up first, so we'll see how I like it compared to the final one in Precious Pink. I am guessing that Rosy Glow is going to win because Precious Pink is seeming to be more gloopy and sticky unlike the others, and Precious Pink is pretty much a non-color and is just glitter. But maybe they get thinner as you use them? I have a vague recollection that Rosy Glow started out thinner than how it ended.

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