Friday, October 21, 2011

Purge 4

1. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Collection: La Source Hand Therapy Sample
I liked this hand lotion. It was thick but not heavy and had a nice smell. Wasn't wowed so probably wouldn't purchase it but I would enjoy getting it as a gift or buying it with a gift card if for some reason someone gave me a Crabtree & Evelyn giftcard, haha.

2. Ahava The Source: Cleansing Cream Deluxe Sample
Love love loooove this face wash. It was the first time in a long time that I had a face wash that actually made my face feel moisturized afterwards. I am really considering buying the full size of this product after I use up my other face washes. BTW I got this in my October Birchbox

3. Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser Sample
Hated this with a passion. Hated the consistency, I hated the way it felt on my skin the moment I put it there. I couldn't even stand lathering this on my face. This was a decent sized sample but I actually hated it so much that I didn't use up even the sample amount! So glad I didn't buy this the one time I thought about buying it haha. 

4. Blinc Mascara Deluxe Sample
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5. Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correction Moisturizer Deluxe Sample
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6. Jouer Lip Enhancer Sample
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7. Liv Grn Earth Eau de Parfum Sample
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8. Dove Rebalance Plum & Sakura Blossom Body Mist Sample
Refreshing scent. I like it. Just do not love it so probably wouldn't buy it. Plus it is a rather "in your face" "smell it before I see you" scents and I like things that are more subtle.

9. Orofluido Elixer
I loved the smell of this product, which I find surprising because usually vanilla bothers me. Haha. I also loved how this oil never felt heavy in my hands or in my hair, which is kind of magical because that made it literally impossible to use too much! I'd consider buying it but I think its too expensive for something that I half love for the smell and half love for its actions. I'd rather spend $30 on something that I only love for its actions.

10. Victoria's Secret Girls' Night Daily Body Wash
Loved this body wash and the small bottle actually lasted me for forever! As per my discussions about this scent before, I love the scent spray. This body wash is kind of a more peony heavy version of the body spray (while the body scrub seems more waterlily heavy). I'd probably repurchase this but it was a scent that was discontinued.

11. Bath and Body Works Country Chic Supercharged Body Scrub
I'm not sure what makes this scrub "supercharged" but I think it is super! The scrub to it is just the perfect amount of scrubbiness without being harsh. I also thought the scent was divine - kind of like a lemon-y hollister scent! Next time I'm in B&B and I've earned the right to buy a body spray (haha) I think this one will be a good contender for being chosen (so long as it is still around by that time haha)!


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