Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"It" Boots!

I have two pairs of fall/spring boots that adore. They are short as I do not like the riding boot trend (and don't get me started on "Chelsea" boots) or really the Ugg-y trend.

The first pair I bought my 1L year after a long boot quest. I had never owned heeled boots before then and I was on a hunt for a pair that "spoke to me." After must despair at not being able to find a pair I liked I wandered into Payless because I figured it couldn't hurt and there these boots were! The moment I saw them I knew I had to have them! It was amazing how drawn to these boots I was because I had never felt this way about a pair of shoes before. I could have bought them without trying them on I loved them so much (but of course I tried them on and then fell even more in love because they were comfortable!). You know what else is amazing? I STILL get compliments on these boots 2 seasons later and people are always surprised when I say I got them from Payless! The price was also good too because I think they were even on sale at the time. It was a match made in heaven!

I bought this pair of Fossil boots at TJ Maxx, so they were a super good deal! I payed $30-$40 dollars for them and Fossil boots tend to run about $150-$200!! I couldn't believe it when I saw them, it was also love at first sight like my Payless Boots. I remember finding the boots, debating on whether the splurge was worth it, and decide that they world could decide because the first pair that I found were a half size off of what I usually wear so I made a deal with the world: if there was another pair in the size that I wanted I would buy them, no hesitation. Well, around the corner there was a second pair in the size that I wanted! They were the only two in the whole store. It was destiny, I bought them without hesitation.

After these two loves I have vowed that the rest of my shoe buying should be of the same degree of love for the shoe because then I won't regret the purchase. So far this has resulted in my not buying any new shoes since the Fossil boots (which super helps the wallet!) but seem to have given my style a sense of refinement as now I want to buy things that are truly my style, not what I think will "look good" or is "in."

Do you have any shoes that just "spoke to you" when you set eyes on them and have been in love with them ever since?

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