Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

You probably noticed my "Follow Me on Pinterest" button in my "About Me!" side bar. I just discovered the site through one of BentlyBlonde's videos and I've gotta say, I am just as hooked as she is! Its kind of like Tumblr except more visually appealing and you can categorize your posts. The way that it is visually set up is also amazing: like scrapbook, except you don't have to organize it yourself. I supposed the best way to describe it is kind of like a visual "feed" because you can also look at other Pinterest
"pins" and "boards" through your own feed.

It only took about a day to be approved for the cite so don't worry if you sign up and it says you are on the waiting list, because I didn't have to wait long!

The only draw back, which I can appreciate as a lawyer, is that sometimes your "pins" may not always post your picture if you are trying to post it from certain sites. I assume this is because those website do not allow hyper-linking of their pictures, and there for are trying to protect their copyrights. While Pinterest can arguable be "fair use" I'd say it dances on either side of the line depending on how users use their pins. So, smart on Pinterest's part if they are trying to stay out of legal trouble with this!

Also, are you a Google Chrome user? And you can't use that quick and easy book mark Pinterest offers to make "pinning" easy? Search Pinterest in the Google app store, there is a free Pinterest button! I've been using it and it makes "pinning" even easier and fun!

Do you Pinterest? Comment below with your Pinterest link and I'll check out your boards! :)

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