Friday, November 4, 2011

New Watch

I finally got a new watch after months of watch browsing with a Boy who is a watch nerd. During the summer I was lusting over a Kennith Cole Watch because I loved how it reminded me of Cadillac's. Then I liked the idea of a rose gold watch but Michael Kors watches, while fabulous, where just too big and boyfriend-y. There was a beautiful little Rolex that I LOVED but it was way out of my price range (one day little Rolex we will be reunited!). I also adore the idea of a red gold watch but the only ones I liked we Mont Blanc ones that were also way out of price range.

But this weekend I finally settled and actually bought a watch, AND it was 25% off! My coupon-er heart sang because for the price of the watch at full price I was able to get the watch plus some damage insurance. Yippie! Good deals and insurance against my clumsiness! Also, it has "Eco Drive" which means no batteries AND no real maintenance because there are hardly any moving parts (aka Winding Movement). Plus, and I find this fascinating  while it is solar, it can actually charge with artificial lighting, cool huh? Now to just get a solar cell phone and I'd be super happy :)

Here is what I came home with: The Citizen Ladies Eco-Drive Dress Watch Stainless Steel Black Face

My favorite feature? The hour markers are metal and cut such a way so it reflects light! All the glitz of diamonds or CZs without the price or gaudiness! (though, of course, I love gaudiness just not in a watch)

Sorry the picture isn't the greatest, my camera is biting the dust, and as you might tell, it didn't start off as a super duper camera because I got it in 2006! It was so cutting edge this its pixel count then though!

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