Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Haul!

1. Feather Tshit from American Eagle
I can never have too make feather themed shirts (shh, this is my third one!) and, bonus, this one has sparkles!

2. Blue V-neck Cabled Sweater from American Eagle
I really wanted something is cobalt blue. I wouldn't say this is a perfect cobalt blue, its a little subdued from true cobalt blue, but its super comfy, quite blue and fits so cutely! Move over old dingle white cabled sweater from Hollister that don't fit right, there is a new sweater in town!

3. Garage Bow Belts
Woo! I love these. The buckles have adorable little gold bows on them and they are 100% real leather. Can't wait to wear these

4. Yellow Knit Sweater from The Gap
Me and this sweater have been having a long distance love affair for a few weeks. This first time I ever saw it in Gap on the maniquin it spoke me. In fact, it professed its love for me but I tried to ignore its call by not trying it on because I knew I probably shouldn't buy a $50 sweater so I gave it the "if you are still thinking about it later then buy it" test. Well I've been still thinking about, and when I saw that it was 40% off I did not hesitate to purchase it. Finally we are together! :P

And get this: This entire purchase, at all three stores, was 40% off! Black friday is totally worth it if you can get things on sale that you were planing to buy at full price! :)

Did you get anything fabulous this Black Friday that you are just DYING to brag about? Let me know in the comments below :P

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