Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorite Christmas Gifts!

Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to show a few of my favorite items from Chirstmas that I got as gifts this year. Since I don't do videos, and since my Christmas was on vacation, I won't show you everything since I got mostly money and giftcards (easy to pack!) and just random stuff like candy and parachuting army men (I love my parents! haha). Consider this like a curated version of my Christmas haul :)

 Here are all my favorite things together! I'll go into more detail about each one below

This bracelet is from a random boutique in New Orleans and I received from my awesome big brother. I am just blown away by this because it is surprisingly SO me despite that I don't own anything like it so I am amazing that my brother was able to pick out something I love! What really makes me love it is that it seems kinda Vivienne Westwood-esque, a high end designer that I would just DIE to own anything from! :) Until the day that I am rich this bracelet should get me through :P

I suppose this is kind of like a Christmas gift to myself because I bought it with a giftcard. This is Kate Spade Twirl, a perfume that I originally sampled through birchbox, and just fell in love with! I was originally going to save my birchbox points to buy the full size but when I came across this in a set with a matching lotion and a suuuper good price I knew it was meant to be and that I needed it now! Haha. Now I have decide what amazing thing to save my points for now :P

This shirt and I... pure love. It seems so crazy, I know, and probably not something I would have realized I would love had I seen it in a store myself. My brother's amaaaazing girlfriend got this for me and, again, I am stunned at her and my brother's ability to get my style spot on! When I wore it for the first time it really was true love. The shirt it self is SOOOOO soft and comfortable it is amazing, and the graphic is just plain amazing too. I love to wear this in a kind of grungy way with jean shorts (while I was on vacation in Florida, haha) and my Madden Girl boots. I just love the look, and it kind of reminds me of Sarah Hawkinson's style, who I love! This was also purchased in a NOLA boutique but I found it online if you want one too!

And lastly, because it is just plain cute and is also something my brother got me. It's a little top hat facinator! It is perfect for mardi gras (I went last year) and I secretly loooove facinators (and I want to wear a little feathery veil one when I get married one day :P). I'm not sure when I will wear it except if I go to mardi gras again, or for a costume occasion like Halloween or something. Anyone have any ideas? Well other than maybe Harajuki, Japan.

What were your favorite things for Christmas? Comment below, I'd love to check it out!

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