Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trendy Summer Staples Haul (Free!)

Back in March or so I won a blog contest and the prize was a $50 Mall, Etc Gift Card which is basically a prepaid American Express Card. So, naturally, I decided to buy some stuff at Marshalls to maximize my winnings! Haha :) I love contests that are gift cards than specific items, because then you have control over how much you will like the prize! Haha. Tell me what you guys think and if you have picked up anything great at Marshalls recently. Here is what I got:

Aren't these jeans just perfect for the spring and summer trends this year!? I have actually been dying for a pair of red and bright blue jeans since last fall before it was even trendy (does that make me sound like a hipster? haha) but had always been reluctant to buy them because jeans can be so expensive! But when I found these jeans, which actually are cotton and more trouser like (which I LOVE!), I was in love with the price because they were both under $20 each because they were from the junior section of Marshalls rather then the regular women's section. So, fun fact, check the juniors section because they sometimes have super similar style pieces to regular women but almost always cost less! SCORE!
Left Pair: Indigo Rein
Right Pair: Kenar

I had also been dying generally to get a super light summery sweater, and with this orange stripey number my thirst was quenched! I love the open neck and the raglan style. I also love that because of the way that it is cute it tends to pull the neck upwards and the back down so there is a scoop in the back rather than the front. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after wearing it a few times I love it and think its an adorable way to show off your back with a cute tank under neither. This doesn't quite fit off the shoulders but I think it could if you really wanted to!
Brand: Edge

Have any of you guys been lucky with contests recently? I've been pretty good with them this year actually, would anyone be interested in a post about my contest winning strategies? Comment below and let me know! Haha.

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