Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Claire's 10 for $10 Haul

I know, I've been bad... another haul... but this one was a great deal! Everything was $1 because its from the 10 for $10 clearance deal! I thought I was in the market for some new earrings because I have been kinda bored and uninspired about my jewelry so I though this would be a cheap way to help re-inspire my jewelry habits. I also got the cute ear warmers which I thought looked kinda Hello Kitty like, no? I picked up the hair ties and the lip balm because I actually needed more of both, and because none of the other Claire jewelry interested me I threw in the French Twist thing just to round out the 10 and thought that if it worked for me, it would be a fun way to revamp my hair clip hair look into something more adult.

What about you guys? Do you like Claire's jewelry? Or do you have to dig and dig and dig through the children's style stuff that it just isn't worth it? I wait for these 10 for 10 sales and then venture in and try to find the few things there that are my style. If I can't find 10 things I usually just get nothing, but this time I was lucky!

UPDATE: The hairbands sucked, and the French Twist fell apart the first time I tried to use it, haha. So those were 2 wasted dollars, otherwise I am loving all the earrings! The 1st pair in the 1st row are especially awesome in person because I think they look sooo House of Harlow, don't you think? :)

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