Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Smallest of All Vaselines!

Cuteness alert guys! Check out this itty bitty baby Vaseline I found at Target! It was hiding in the lotion/sunblock aisle! Of course this wouldn't be convenient for those of you that are heavy Vaseline users, but as I am not of that sort, this is the perfect size for me because I always feel like those giant tubs go bad before I can use them all! Now, $1.79 might seem excessive for such a product (something like .99 might be better) but I don't mind paying for such cuteness! People pay too much for those weirdo EOS lipbalms that I think are just strange looking and over priced, so comparatively, this isn't a bad deal because EOS lipbalms are like $3 right? And I looked it up, the EOS and this Vaseline have the same amount (volume) of product in oz! So, totally a better deal if you ask me. Both have cuteness/novelty factor, but the Vaseline is cheaper, better, and more universal in use! SCORE!

What do you guys think? Overpriced cuteness? Awesome? Already have 3 in your purse? Comment below! :P


  1. Definitely cute! I'm a sucker for tiny things. Though, the reason I use EOS lip balm is because they are not petrolatum based, I try to avoid petroleum products on my mouth when possible. But of course, if that isn't a concern for you, then the Vaseline is definitely the better deal!

    A couple of girls that I work with have these tiny Vaselines and love them, and use them on their lips all the time.

    1. Thanks for reading! Cool, I didn't know the EOS ones were non-petroleum based. I might have to check them out then :)

      I thought the tiny size would also be good for those little things Vaseline can cure other than chapped lips. Like applying before doing your nails so you don't get polish on your skin, or for putting on your heels when wearing blister creating heels. Seems less likely to cause a gooey mess because its harder to take too much!

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