Friday, October 26, 2012

October Empties

1. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
I got this little sample/travel sized one for free in a Target Beauty Bag some time this summer. I have reviewed this product before HERE, and HERE.

2. Fekkai Essential Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner Samples
I received these samples in my September Birchbox and I really liked them. If I remember correctly, I liked the conditioner better than the shampoo, but it could have been the other way around (I used them up at the beginning of the month). Would I buy the full size? Probably not since Fekkai is so expensive. Will I hope that one day they show up at TJ Maxx for an amazingly cheap price? Heck yes, because I loved the smell, and I feel like long term results wouldn't be disappointing.

3. Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover
I received these three swabs in my September Birchbox as well and I loved them so much I bought the full size (check out my haul HERE). They are super convenient in quick mornings before work when I make a makeup error that needs to be corrected or else I would look sloby for work. Each swab has just enough fluid that it sin't drippy or anything, but you also don't have to rub and rub to make it work - just a swipe or two and you are ready to go. I find they are perfect for the accidental mascara on the brow bone or eyelid. Buy full size? Already have!

4. Miss Jessie's Quick Curls Sample
I received this in my August Birchbox. I liked it, but I'm not sure if I love it enough to buy it because I feel like other brands can do the same for cheaper. It had a nice smell, and it wasn't really fatal if you over used the product, which is nice. However, I feel like it didn't do miracles for my hair, just de-frizzed a little. The sample size was huge though so that was fantastic, and I have always wanted to try this brand out because I keep hearing about it online.

5. Schick Quattro for Women Razor Blades
I got this from my mom when she stumbled upon them in her stash and she realized she doesn't really use the brand so she doesn't even know how she got them, LOL. Fine by me though since I used the Quattro. However, I did find that I like the sensitive version of this blades, which is what I have always bought myself. It was nice to confirm to myself that the sensitive is indeed better though. These blades are nice, but I am totally a "razor with gel stripe" princess and love a nice gel-y lube-y razor over a simple one like this one. Buy myself? Probably not unless I was desperate because the sensitive ones were out of stock or these were hugely cheaper or something.

6. Nivea Creme Tin
I don't like the smell and the formula is nothing special. The smell reminds me of a hospital, and it moisturizes just as much as you would think a really thick cream would, aka, a little bit greasy. I used this at night for a hand cream as well as an occasional calf, or foot cream. I have a second one of these because I bought them to fulfill a promo deal at Target one time, but I probably wouldn't by them again unless I was similarly trying to fulfill a promo via the cheapest means possible (because these tins are under a dollar if I remember correctly). Buy full size? Nope. Buy the mini again? Not unless it was for other reasons than for wanting the product, haha.

7. Grand Home Furnishings Hand Sanitizer
The size of this hand sanitizer is just plain adorable! And you could actually put it in a nighttime clutch if you wanted because it is so slim. I used this up at work because I now have the inspiration to finally use all my sanitizers that I have seemed to aquire. This one was fine, and it was simple. It lasted a couple days with 4-6 times daily use (my office has a few cold bugs going round so I am now one of those obsessive people haha). Buy again? Can't because I got it for free at a Grand Home Furnishings Store. I doubt they still have them out as I got this a few years ago. I am happy I have a second one though so i can experience the cuteness again! haha.

8. Bath & Body Works I Love Shopping Peach PocketBac
The world wanted me to have this hand sanitizer because I got it for free when I found a coupon for a free hand sanitier just laying around on a shelf in a B&BW one time. Then the "I Love Shopping" name just called to me, and the peach scent was the icing on the cake. Like the other hand sanitizer I used this up at work. And would you believe that this was my first B&BW PocketBac? Needless to say I understand the hype now... scented hand sanitizer is just way more fun and the prices of PocketBacs are always 5 for $5 so I am pretty sure I will be buying more of these super soon!

9. L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream
I got this for free when I was at the L'Occitane outlet in Florida (See my haul post HERE). I had always heard about this hand cream being good, and my mom loves L'Occitane, but this is the first time I've ever owned it. I've gotta say, it is just as good as the hype makes it out to be. Its just the right amount of moisture without being greasy, and it always does it's job. I never was much of a hand cream person but now that I have an office job I am washing my hands all the time and there is nothing worse than the feel of dry hands, eww! (well maybe dry feet is worse, haha). This lasted me a bout two and a half weeks use when I used it many times per day at work. Buy full size? Well I have a second one in this size that I got for free with a Facebook promo/coupon, so we'll see if I want to drop the money for it after I used up that one.

10. Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash Sample
I can't remember how I got this sample again, but my opinion hasn't changed since the first time I reviewed it HERE.

11. Simple Soothing Eye Balm
This thing lasted FOREVER! I got this in the beginning of the year and it lasted me until now! WOW! HERE is my previous review of the product itself, which hasn't changed.

12. L'Occitane Precious Eye Balm Sample
This was one of the many L'Occitane samples that my mom gave me that she had been hording for some time. This eye balm just didn't meet my needs after using the Simple Soothing Eye Balm. This one stung my eyes a little bit upon first application, and I didn't notice that it did any better of a job at hydration than the Simple one did. It did have the nice Immortelle scent, but that was about the only thing it had going for it. Buy the full size? Not likely given my experience and I'm sure the price point isn't something I would want to pay for an eye cream at this point any way.

13. L'Occitane Brightening Essence
I liked this product. It was light, smelled nice, and didn't feel sticky or leave a residue. My only problem, that isn't really a problem, is the fact that it was a one time use size. I have not idea if it really brightens my skin after just one use. I would love to try this out but as a L'Occitane serum that costs $56, my purchasing it doesn't seem likely unless I get to try it out for a longer (via a gift set maybe?) and actually think it gives results. I so love the Immortelle scent though and I forgot how much I loved it since I used up my cleanser already.

14. Australian Gold Tan Extender Moisture Lock Moisturizer
I bought this when I was on vacation in Florida while I was getting my tan on. I love the fruity smell, I like the slick texture, and I felt that it did extend my tan. At the very least it was a nice moisturizer because it never felt greasy, it sunk in pretty quick, and it never really left me wanting more. This was my first Australian Gold product and if they are all this good then I understand why the brand is loved so much. Buy again? Definitely!

15. Lush Noubar Soap Sample
I got this as a sample at Lush when I bought a different item. I like the smell ok (it smells strongly of pistachios), but everything else about it wasn't that fabulous. It has these weird chunks in it but I wouldn't say that makes it srubby at all, which it claims it does. It makes you squeaky clean, which some people may like, but I prefer feeling moisturized. It was fun to have the sample, but I know I would never buy it. Still love Lush though! If I wanted a scrub soap I think I would try their Buffy Bar or that other one that is blue and has the sand in it that my Gay BFF swears by.

16. Tretinoin Cream
Another tube down and I am still in love! I found that now that I wash my face morning and night, and continue applying this at night, that my face is doing WAY better than when I was only washing my face at night (thanks Mom for the tip!). I don't wanna jinx myself and say I might be almost clear skin 24/7 until I see the results remain for more than these last couple weeks, but I know that it is significantly better even if I do break out later this month during the "lady time" of the month. Any spots that I have had recently were super small, not really that noticeable and went away after a day or two. The proof? I have been using my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation at work! My skin is so clear I can get away with it, and I am not reaching for my foundations! I love love love my skin this month :)

17. VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Cream
I have reviewed this previously HERE.

18. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Mini
I got this for free via a gift card via the app called Wrapp which legitimately gives you free giftcards to give to friends! I convinced my sister to send me a $5 Sephora one and I went and got this, all I had to pay was the few cents of tax. Woo hoo I love social Media! I have reviewed this product previously HERE and my opinion is still the same. I am contemplating purchasing one of the gift sets for myself so I can try other products by Soap & Glory! :)

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