Monday, October 15, 2012

Products I Regret Buying - Fashion Edition!

I stumbled upon a new idea on Youtube the other day... a video about products you regret buying, but instead of the usual beauty and hair products etc. it was all clothing! I thought I would give this a whirl myself and maybe do a couple posts about the concept. Here is my first post, and it is, apparently, tops I regret buying

1. Merona V-Neck from Target
I don't know why I bought this really. The coral color is just a weird color and it doesn't work well for anyone. The material is nice (I have another in this style in a mint green color), but just not worth it given the weird color. I guess I got caught up in the coral trend? I dunno.

2. American Eagle Puffy Vest from TJ Maxx
I remember that this was a good deal, and it is very warm and does everything it is supposed to do... but the color! Oh man was I ahead of my time, I bought this 3 years ago before "neon" was even a thing and I haven't really worn it many times because the neon-ness makes me self conscious! Maybe I'll get more wear out of it this fall and winter since "neon" as so in this summer, but I don't know... I love puffy vests, but I think I need one in a neutral color, not neon yellow.

3. Edge Sweater from Marshalls
While I don't regret the money spent on the purchase it was free because I won a gift card in a blog contest so spent no money out of pocket on it (see my haul post HERE for more info), I still regret it because I could have gotten something else with that gift card amount. I loved this at first but I think I was really just in love with the idea of this sweater, not the actual execution. I bought it with the idea that I would wear it a lot this past spring and summer but I've only worn it a handful of times. Ugh! Maybe I can find a way to style it that will make me like it better. If you have any ideas let me know!

4. "Extinction is For Ever" Mighty Fine T Shirt from Hot Topic
I remember that I got this super on sale ages ago for like $5. I bought it in college, and in college I had a huge thing for dinosaurs. However this is a size XS when really I needed a S, but, of course, there was no S left on the sale rack so I tried to justify the smaller size by the price, thinking I could get away with the small fit. I have worn it, but it was all in college when super tight tops were my thing. The one thing that always bothered me though was that the length was so short that it was almost crop-top worthy. Unluckily crop-tops were definitely not in when I was in college, and dinos & crop tops are for sure not a law school & when would I wear this as a "real" adult? Hence my regret and dilemma. This is probably headed for my "to ebay" pile since I have tried to tell myself I would wear it for too long and just haven't. (Plus I'm on a quest to not really wear or buy graphic t shirts anymore).

5. Degas Ballet Dancer T Shirt from The Baltimore Museum of Art
You probably don't know, but I was an art major in college, and drawing is my medium, and I love Degas. Knowing all that now, you probably understand why I purchased this shirt. However I regret it because 1. the museum shop price which was like $20-$30. 2. The fabric is so thin you'd have to wear something under it, which I despise doing for t shirts. 3. The "looks like 2 shirts but isn't" style is SOOO middle school boy-ish in my opinion. I liked that style as a kid, but its literally impossible to pull of as an adult. Degas shirt, I WISH I could wear you but your quality is disappointing and I wish I could have known that when I bought you, but the BMA doesn't have fitting rooms!

6. American Eagle Navy Striped V Neck T from TJ Maxx
I have a thing for American Eagle via TJ Maxx if you can't tell. Maybe it's the price that just lures me to impulsely buy AEO that isn't 100% my style or fit because the low price "justifies" it and that there is a fear that if I don't buy it then and there then the item will be gone if I come back another day? I've gotta stop doing that to myself, but I think I am a lot better at now then when I bought both of the AEO pieces in this post because I got both of them 2-3 years ago. What I regret about this is the sizing/cut of the top. I don't mind the stripes and style, and I don't mind that it is a little thin, what I hate is that this is a S, something that should fit me perfectly, but I feel like I am always fighting with the V neck to get it to sit right and not expose my bra. A simple looking shirt should be simple to wear! Not this one though... I always wear some kind of camisole underneath just to be safe, but I hate that I have to do that because V neck is so my style and the camisole ruins that effect. This is also a candidate for my "to ebay" pile, but it'll probably get to live in my closet for a little while longer until I feel 100% defeated.

So what do you guys think of this kind of post? Want to see more? I could do a post on bottoms, jewlery, shoes, etc. Let me know! :)

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