Friday, October 5, 2012

Zara Wishlist

Zara Wishlist

Studio Dress / Blouse with Studded Collar / Blouse with Large Pockets / Basic V Neck SweaterCool Wool Blazer / Herringbone Shirt with Stud Collar / Soft Stud Neckscarf / Push Up Black Tights / Studded Cowboy Boots / Studded SneakerLeather Shopper with Metallic Plaque / Purse Toilet Bag with Conical Gold Studs / Necklace with Glass Gems / Soft Edge Scarf with Studs / Gold Geometric Plate Belt / Padded Jacket With Belt

I went to Georgetown in DC recently with a friend and got to go into my first Zara store!! I've been lusting over Zara for months after seeing it on Youtube and Blogs for ages, but there is no store near me so I've never seen the stuff in person. But... now I have and my love has been cemented! I NEED some Zara in my life, but I need to get a pay check first (very soon hopefully *crosses fingers a lead followed through*). In the meantime, here is what I am lusting over during my widow shopping adventures. All together it would cost me $1077... yikes! Though given what was in my $1000 spree wishlist post perhaps this is a comparable casual outside-of-work equivalent while that post was more work clothes oriented?

What are you lusting over at Zara? Comment below and let me know! :)

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