Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ultimate Thrift: Wilsons Leather Jacket for Under $50

For the past couple years I have been on a quest for the perfect leather jacket, but something about the features that I wanted made the search ever elusive, and when not elusive completely cost prohibitive! But I have an announcement you guys... I found my dream jacket with all the qualities I wanted... for only $45 at The Wise Penny!!! I nearly died! I would have paid $100 without hesitation even! It is a leather jacket by Wilsons Leather Maxima in a size M, but it fits like a slightly bigger S in my opinion! Based on my perusal of the Wilsons Leather website, this jacket probably cost $500 originally! O.O What. a. fabulous. deal! I LOOOOOVE The Wise Penny! Why do I love this jacket so much? It's real leather (why people pay $60-100 for a faux leather jacket I don't know...), wasn't cropped, wasn't motorcycle style in the belted or asymmetrical zip sense, has a track collar style neck, and is fitted so it's flattering!

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