Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Costume: Big Boys Bail Bonds Pen!

So if you aren't from the Baltimore, this costume probably looks silly. What's the story behind it? Well in Baltimore the Big Boys Bail Bonds pen (see the handful in my hand) is famous because they are EVERYWHERE; Literally everywhere - almost every restaurant, store, bank, you name it, because that is their entire marketing campaign. No commercials, no ads, just free pens! So I thought it would be clever to dress up as one! I was inspired by the fact that I already owned the yellow sweater from The Gap and the pink shirt! And already owning the shoes too was just the icing on the cake! Just add leggings (that I bought on amazon for $9.99 HERE), some $2.50 yarn from Michael's that I used to knit the hat, and some felt we already had to make the letters and... voila! Simple yet witty and hilarious costume! What were you guys for Halloween  Comment below and let me know! :)

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