Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Skincare Overview Review

Ever since I discovered UglyFaceofBeauty on youtube, I had been dying to try out the Simple skin care brand and lamented that it wasn't in the US. Until the day that I learned that it would be coming to the US! It was like a dream come true because I didn't even have to wait and lament that long! Thank you skin care gods for answering my beauty prayer :) Given by anticipation I kind of have the urge to try EVERYTHING haha, but I am restraining myself to take it in steps. Here is my first step and chunk of products that I have tried (when I try a couple more, like maybe a cleanser and the makeup remover or toner, I will do another post like this) and what I think of them.

Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes
I am in love! The texture of these are different than any other wipe that I have used because this isn't soft, its rough and textured. Some people might not like this because it could feel a little too rough on your skin but I love it because I feel like it truly does get all the makeup and oil off my face without leaving a residue feeling behind! I also love the smell! Will I buy these again? It is highly likely! I may be swayed to try something new just to try something new, but I know I will be returning to these!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (not pictured)
I tried these before the Exfoliating ones when I first saw that the Simple line came out (when I finished these up I then bought the Exfoliating ones). I talked about this product in a previous post when I finished it so you can go there for a more in depth review. In short I liked then, didn't love them, but would buy them again if I felt the need to have make up wipes regularly in my routine.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer
This was the product that UglyFaceofBeauty kept raving about and what got me interested so of course I had to get this first! I can see why she likes it. It is kind of everything I want my Garnier light moisturizer to be (but the poor garnier moisturizer just never seems to live up to my expectations). I love the texture, it is definitely light, which I love, but it doesn't leave you wanting more so it's not too light. It doesn't sting, which my Garnier has been known to do. And it moisturizes at the level that I wanted it to, no greasy mess, and no dry patches in the morning. Will I buy it again when I run out? I am not 100% sure because the thing is huge and it might be quite some time until that happens and I might change my mind. I would be interested in trying another of their moisturizers though, like perhaps one that comes in the pot. Would love to see how Simple does in the heavy moisturizer category.

Simple Soothing Eye Balm
Finally, a eye cream that doesn't sting my eyes! After having a short relationship with a Say Yes to Cucumbers eye cream that I ended up returning because it stung my eyes like crazy and was roll-y the next day when I would put on foundation, this Simple Eye Balm is like a god send in comparison! I hope this isn't like a rebound-like love, but even if it is, I value what this Balm is doing for me. It has let me foray in to the eye cream word which I have been interested in entering but kept getting scared away by the products I had tried and hated in the past. Thank you Simple for making a product to get me started on my eye cream journey! Like the moisturizer, I think this will take quite some time to use up so I can't say if I will buy it again. I might, but I also might not because I might try something targeted at anti-aging after this. But if I have more troubles with other eye creams stinging and not cooperating, then I know that Simple's Eye Balm will be here for me to sooth my eyes and tell me eye creams are ok! (Sounds like the gay best friend of eye creams doesn't it? haha :P)

Also, semi related... I have realized that I have a thing for green themed skin care. I don't know if it is a subconscious thing that I think green skin care products will work better or I just like the look of it or what but between this, my Garnier moisturizer, my green clay mask, and my cucumber peel off mask, my whole cabnet is green! Haha. Does anyone else a similar tendency? Maybe one for blue colored stuff (that seems to be another popular skin care package color to me)?

So who else has tried out Simple? What did you think? What should I try next?

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