Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

You've seen 'em, now I've tried 'em, and I understand the hype now! It's the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips!

Disclaimer: Anyone who knows me in real life, and maybe you have picked up on it on this blog, knows that I love free stuff. If there is a coupon, deal, or system for sampling free things, I am THERE. However, know that I would never change my opinion of something just because it was free.
**The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips seen here were given to my for free through Influenster**

The Verdict: While at first I wasn't too thrilled that I was sent this crazy zebra pattern, it has grown on me the past few days. I found that applying them was surprisingly easy, and maybe easier than the other nail polish strip brand I have used in the past, because the polish strips are quite thin, and are easy to make smooth. I can definitely tell that these are real nail polish rather than just stickers, because once they are laid on and dry, you can hardly tell the difference at all! Also, it was during application that I decided the crazy pattern wasn't so bad on my toes because its kind like have crazy socks, or underwear: no one else can really see it unless you want them too, and its like a secret little pick me up for yourself :) The wear on these is also great actually. I have been wearing flats without socks or anything, which normally has a tendency to cause my nail polish to chip or rub off in certain areas, but with this polish, I haven't had that problem.

Will I buy another set? Yes! I am dying to try out a solid color on my fingers now! I hope that they wear just as long and great on my crazy chipped peel-y finger nails because I have the hardest time keeping polish on the flaky tips of my nails. *Crosses fingers that this will be an awesome exception*

Also, if you were creative, and really loving a pattern, you could probably figure out a way to make each set last for 2 manicures instead of just one because some of the strips could really be cut in half! I wasn't worried about that with this set because I wasn't wild about the pattern and knew I would probably only tolerate wearing it once. But if I find these working well on my fingers... I'll definitely have to do another review about tips for making the set last longer if I can achieve it!

So what about you guys? Think the zebra is crazy too? Have you guys tried these strips yet? Have any color or pattern suggestions for me? Comment below! Better yet, leave me a link to your blog post about it! I'd love to read it :)


  1. Nice i love the zebra print!! so cool!


    1. Thanks! So fun for the summer, right? :)