Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY Studded Sweatshirt

Who likes to DIY her fashion? This chick! Check out this awesome sweatshirt that I studded recently!


Here is a close up of the studs so you can see that they are different sizes and my pattern/non-pattern design of them

I got the idea to do something like this after stumbling along Studs and Pearls who have a few different stud and sweatshirt tutorials. I wasn't quite gun-hoe about the exact tutorials she did so I decide to do my own thing. I searched "studded sweaters" for some ideas after Pinterest didn't give me much inspiration and I came across this cute number (on Alloy of all things, blast from the past!). After seeing that one I knew the general style that I wanted. The one that I was using for reference was more patterned and formulaic in the stud placement, which I didn't quite like so I went for a more random approach with mine.

Bordeaux Champion Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($7 at Ocean State Job Lot)
Some 4.5mm rounds studs ($6.49 for 100)
Some 6.5mm rounds studs ($6.99 for 100)
Some 8mm rounds studs ($7.99 for 100)
Butter Knife (for bending stud prongs)

What did I do?
1. Cut the bottom banded hem, and the sleeve bands just before the seam. I liked the interesting little touch this adds while keeping the tightness of the hem line. I have never been one to like raw edges at bottoms and sleeve ends so when I came up with this idea I was pretty stoked because I have never seen a tutorial that recommended something like this.
2. Cut the neck band out with a little extra taken off for slight boat-neck/off-the-shoulder-ability.
3. Studded randomly.
4. Look cute!

What do you guys think? Does it look home made? Or like something that you might actually buy?
Anyone out there have a stud obsession? After buying a bunch of studs I have a sudden need to stud everything! What else have you studded? Recommendations? I am thinking of studding the collar of a white shirt with the little bitty studs a la H&M beaded collar, what do you think of that idea?

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