Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning IV! (12 Empties)

But wait there is more! I'm so proud of all these empties! haha. Even though the large quantity is the result of being too busy for a few months to post these regularly, it still feel so good to see the huge pile! haha

1. Glade Candle in Angel Whispers
My opinion of this Glade candle isn't that different than my opinion in Spring Cleaning I. This one had a nice floral-y smell, but I don't think I'd buy it again. I do like that its easy to find coupons for Glade Candles though! Haha. Next time I get one, I'm gonna try some new scents.

2. Bath and Body Works Body Spray in Cherry Blossom
Hallelujah this is out of my life! This scent is ok, but it's not as good as Japanese Cherry Blossom, which I think is what I intended to buy when I bought this long ago. I like that this scent is super strong for a body spray, just don't like the scent that much. I managed to get through this a lot faster than I anticipated because I decided to use it as a room spray in place of burning candles for a week. The master plan was effective because, look, it's empty! Won't rebuy this scent, probably won't rebuy a full sized BBW Body Spray, but still like the minis (new spring/summer scents I'm looking at you!).

3. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer
This was discussed in my previous post dedicated entirely to Simple Products. I do however have some additional comments about the product. Now I won't say it was this product in particular, because supsequent products did it too, but I had a phase a few weeks ago where my skin was hooorridly dry and flaky and just plan gross! I blame a combo of frequent weather changes and trying out new products, but what ever caused it, it was also making this moisturizer sting my face upon application, so probably won't buy this again. Plus, I am interested in buying either an anti-wrinkle face cream next, or one with SPF.

4. Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara Sample
This was a great mascara at first and I loved it! It is super lengthening and doesn't really clump at all! Score! But after about a month or two of use, while the product was still fine to apply, this mascara started giving me a raccoon eyes problem halfway through the day. Now maybe this is because I'd had this sample laying around for about a year before I decided to use it, but that is just one mascara problem that I don't ever tolerating dealing with, so out this mascara goes! Buy full sized? Probably not, but this was a freebie in a set that my friend got, and I wouldn't mind getting it free again because maybe it's a lot better when it's actually fresh! haha.

5. Lorac Multiplex Lip Gloss Sample in 3D
WOW this is glittery! I've had this sample for over a year, and it's glitteriness is the sole reason it has taken me so long to use this bitty thing up! If you like glitter than you'll love this because its uber sparkly, and it's not gritty. It is a little sticky though. I did have one good feature: it smell amaaaazing, like nectarines or something. Buy full sized? Never. Intrigued by Locac now? Yes! Do any of their other products have this awesome smell??

6. Gud from Berts Bees Body Lotion Sample in Floral Cherrynova
Ok, the name is ridiculous, haha, but the product is nice. I wouldn't say there is anything special about the moisturization properties of this lotion, but the smell is rather nice. It's kinda like a fruitier version of BBW Cherry Blossom actually. If that body spray had smelled like this, then it wouldn't have been so horrible to use up! Haha. Buy the full sized? Naaah, the lotion is whatever, but would consider buying other products in this scent, and checking out the other scents. Thanks Gud for sending me this sample through your Facebook page! (anyone could request them).

7. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo
I bought this back when it first came out and dry shampoos were the new cool thing. This was fine, but it is definitely white and can leave that residue. It does an ok job at "cleaning" 2nd day hair, but it leaves my hair feeling a little grimy, and I hated breathing this in! I wouldn't repurchase this, but I am intrigued to try non-aerosol dry shampoos, as well as a dry conditioner that I spotted by Dove!

8. I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 
Another I Love... bubble bath! Haha, I probably should have group these all together into one post but I didn't feel like sorting through all my empties haha. Like the other reviews, I like the bubbles this makes. This scent is fine, but not my favorite so probably wouldn't rebuy the scent.

9. Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer Sample
I got this in my April birchbox, and I loved this! I love that it is made with fruit juices in place of the water that other companies use. It makes this smell divine! I also liked that this moisturizer was light but always felt adequate! Will I buy the full sized? I an definitely considering buying it when my birchbox points add up!

10. Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Cleasing Facial Towelettes Travel/Sample Size
Another April birchbox goodie. I loved getting these because I have always been intrigued by Say Yes, but was always overwhelmed in trying to decide which line to use! I'm glad birchbox decided for me, haha. These had a nice zesty smell, which I loved but could see others disliking. I like that it has apple and lemon peel which is supposed to help brighten the skin. With only a weeks use I don't know if I can attest to whether that worked, but these were definitely refreshing and made me FEEL brighter haha. I found that these really need to be stored upside down to make sure the front wipe is actually well saturated (I always heard because say this on Youtube, but never have an issue with it with other brands. Now I get it! haha). Will I buy the full size? I am considering it even though I'm not much of a wipe user unless they are on hand (not because I feel I need them. Use them just to use them when I have them, haha). Next time I am at target though I am going to check out the other Yes to Blueberries stuff!

11. Bio-Oil
I know, I'm naughty and bought this without hauling it for you guys first... please forgive me? O:) I used this on my face for about a week or two until I just got bored/annoyed at the greasy feeling before bed, even though I didn't really wake up that oily. This is supposed to help with scaring and pimples and stuff, but I dunno if it's a miracle worker, though I didn't use it for the recommended three months... I did love using this on my legs though! Even though it ran out before I could test its abilities on stretch marks, I loved how moisturizing this was on my dry legs! I has made me super intrigued in the idea of using oils as a moisturizer rather than just lotion. Anyone have any suggestions for other body oils? Buy again? I think I might when it's on sale, because I'd love to use it longer on my face next time to see if it actually helps with dark spots. I think I'll consider buying it again next winter when I will have less of a greasy feeling problem because my skin will likely be drier so will absorb this better. Have any of you tried it? I know beautycrush and uglyfaceofbeauty on youtube have liked it, that's why I bought it! haha.

12. Febreeze Candle in Petal and Pure
I bought this on a whim and I am so glad I did! I looooved the scent, I loved how large it is and thus how long it lasts, and I love the jar it's in! This burns so nice and cleanly (kinda like the Airwick ones) too. I am actually kind of tempted to keep the jar and use it as a drinking glass because it really looks like it could be one! Woo hoo upcycling! Does anyone else have any candle brands that have nice reusable jars?

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