Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Caudalie Beauty Elixer

WHY: I'm sure you guys have seen this product floating around the internet like I have. And like a lot of people, because of it's presence (omnipresence?) I felt compelled to try it out. The small size at $18 it isn't cheap, but the cost also isn't super prohibitive to try out unlike if it only came in the mega $48 size! I bought this when I had some Sephora store credit, which was cool because it was kind of like I was trying it out for "free," haha. (I love the return policy by the way! Got store credit for some make up brushes I bought a year ago and never used, so returned for store credit to buy this and a make brush I now use every day! Woo hoo! <3 you Sephora!).

REVIEW: Like other beauty bloggers, I am not sure what this elixer is really supposed to "do" specifically, but the experience was nice. I grew accustomed to spraying this on after a shower as it was nice and refreshing, and felt great when my face was still a little red & blotchy from the hot water + face products. It was especially refreshing when my face was having an "angry" day (which I am starting to think is cased by continued use of face wipes, but not 100% sure yet... might be the moisturizer with AHA in it too...). Some people hate the smell, I didn't mind it, but I also didn't love it. Peppermint is fine, but I am totally a spearmint kinda gal. I'm not sure this product did anything magical to my skin like some people think it does. I didn't get magically clear skin, or anything like that, though I think some people are just brain washed into thinking this elixer is doing that for them but they really have skin like me: skin that breaks out either the week before, or the week of the "girly" time of the month, but then it looks its most amazing the week after the "girly" time of the month. If you start using a product during the break out phase, of course you are going to think the product is magical when you enter your awesome skin week of the month, haha, but if you are aware of your skin's phases/cycles then you should know to not just a product by its performance during your super week, but its performance during your break out times. I don't think it did anything magical during my break out times other than mentally sooth me, and sometimes calm my red skin down.

VERDICT: Would I buy this again? I don't think so, but I really do like the idea of a face spray! Maybe I should be trying out make up settings sprays, Mac Fix+, or some kind of spray toner because I loved the experience  and would love to use a spray that actually has real results vs placebo affects, haha. If I ever did buy this again it would probably be this same small size, and probably if I was able to find it at a discount!


  1. I tried this product out as well! It felt really nice on the skin but I don't think i saw crazy miracles happening to my skin but then again nothing bad happen either LOL =) great post!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Nancy and for becoming my newest follower! :) Yep, always good when a product does nothing bad! Sometimes that even better than a good result, especially when you got a product just because it was hyped and wanted to check it out, but don't feel the need to buy it a second time either way haha (Or maybe I'm the only one who buys products for that reason some times O:) )