Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Little Black Bag(tm) Experience

Have you guys heard about the website Little Black Bag yet? Because it is amazing! If you are interested in checking it out after reading this post, my referral link is HERE.
So what is Little Black Bag? (Or LBB). It is a new kind of shopping service where every month, for $55, you get to pick out an item you want to purchase and then you are given 2-3 mystery items. The value of your bag is always more than what you pay for, generally in the $100-$150 range. After you commit to purchasing, your mystery items are revealed, and then the fun crazy part starts! You can trade with people on the site. So if you don't like the mystery items, or you change your mind about what you picked out, you can trade for other things! You get a week to trade, but you can also end trading early by clicking the "ship my bag" button. I think this is a nice feature because you can decide that you love everything and just ship right away, or if you are really good at the whole trading system, you can amp up the total value of your bag if you make good strategic trades!

I've actually gone through the LBB trading process twice now because I ended up returning my first bag. There had been an error of some kind where an item that I traded for showed up with the wrong image on the website so when my package arrived I received a completely different purse than I thought I was purchasing! Luckily LBB customer service is amazing! They let me return the whole bag (but I also could have just returned the purse and kept the other things, with the refund price apportioned by the value of each  item), they made the return easy because they provided me a shipping label that I just had to print and tape on the box, and didn't even have to go to the post office except to drop off the package since it was too big of a box to put in the mail box! Also, when I did my initial LBB purchase, I had a Klout coupon code that let me get a bump up in the value of my total bag by letting me have an additional item. Once I had to make the return, the Klout perk code had expired because it had been used by me once, and also had gone past the time limit it. LBB customer service was so fantastic, they set up a new promo code for me that did the same thing as the Klout code did, which let me use it on my second bag. Nothing says how good a company is more than it's customer service if you ask me!

So what did I get in my Little Black Bag? Funnily enough... I got a little black bag! Haha. And a really nice leather and gold bracelet.

Nila Anthony Buckle Satchel
Gorjana Harper Leather Bangle

Here a shot of the inside of the purse. Please note that the stain in the bottom was by my own doing when I had a "pen incident" of sorts a few weeks ago, and that the bag did not arrive this way, haha!

When you log on to the site now, it is very unlikely that you will see these items since I made my order at the end of May (sorry it took me so long to write up this post! Dang bar exam got in my way). But items do make come backs, because since buying this bag, I did see the Gorjana bracelet restocked one time (I wanna say it was the beginning of July maybe?). So if you see an item you love, but it got away from you, fear not, it might return, and even if it doesn't, a different color version of the item might be headed to the site soon!

So what do you guys think of this kind of website? Have any questions, comments, concerns? Comment below! :)

**This post is not sponsored by Little Black Bag and all LBB images & trademarks were provided by LBB with permission to use in a blog post.**

**Referral link used, and was under no obligation to give a review even with the Klout Perk**

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