Monday, February 6, 2012

Are YOU as Tough as Taupe?

You guys have probably seen my previous post about the L'Oreal 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow where I rave about how much I like it. Well, my opinion has kind of changed about it, something I will go into in another post, but part of the reason my opinion changed about the L'Oreal Shadow is because I discovered this little baby right here, the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe. Similar name right? Well it's because Maybelline is a company owned by L'Oreal. That being said, I like this Maybelline product better.

WHY: I got this product because a bunch of the bloggers and vloggers that I follow were talking about this product being an amazing dupe for the formula of MAC paintpots (some reviewers even saying these are better than MAC's!), and MAC paintpots was always something I wanted to try but have never gotten around to it because of how I feel about MAC. A lot of the colors in this Color Tattoo line are ridiculous and not things I would ever wear, this color being one of the few exceptions. First, I loved that it was a matte shadow, I love me some mattes. Because it is matte I feel like it is better suited for its job as a base rather than a color to use by itself (which it is also good at, but just something I don't do really). I love to use this under a taupe color because Tough as Taupe is kind of greyish, while my powder taupe shadows lean more brown, and when combined I really think they balance each other out nicely. I have found that this works better with a primer underneath, but when used without one it lasts a good amount of time, but won't stay crease-less all day. When it does crease when used alone, it is actually very minimal and probably wouldn't bother the average person, just someone that is into make-up. I think the texture of this is nice because it is not too tough and not too creamy, making it easy to get the right amount of product and not feel like you are wasting it. I like that this can easily be applied a little sheerer than it appears in the pot, which I think looks amazingly flattering rather than at the intensity it is in the pot. I do like, however, that it is a product that can perform up to the color in the pot if I some how one day feel so inspired to use it that way.

VS L'OREAL: Ok, so here is why I like this Maybelline shadow better than the L'Oreal... the L'Oreal is more of a powdery slight cream shadow, while this one is a true cream shadow. I think the L'Oreal definately still has a legitimate place in the makeup world, but I don't think it is something that really fits into my collection right now. This is also because, as you can see in my previous post about the product, I already had multiple shimmery champagne/kitten colored shadows, so it was kind of duplicative. I do think that I could be persuaded to find the L'Oreal shadows more fitting in my collection ones I used up some of the shadows I already have, as I am not adverse to trying new champagne shadows once I work through the ones I have. Now, because of that, you can understand why this Maybelline taupe shade fits better in my collection: I only really have 1 taupe shadow, and it is shimmery, not matte. I have 2 matte beige shadows, Brulee, as well as a deeper taupe leaning beige from Inglot, but no matte taupe powder shadows. Because of the lacking of this neutral color in my collection, and the fact that I will actually use this, this Maybelline shadow is a much better choice for me.

WISHES: I love this color to death, I am already thrilled with it. If the Color Tattoo line had only come out with this color I would still remained thrilled. The only way to make this real world fantasy even better is if there was a sister shimmery version of this taupe color! I know they have a bronze one already, but I am not that into bronze. Give me a shimmery taupe or fawn, and I think I may just die and go to heaven! haha.

SIDE NOTE: I know, I know, my followers might be thinking... Girl... what about your Kill It Quest... I know... I'm bad. I broke my own rules. But I feel like it fits in the spirit of the quest: to not have duplicate products in my collection. And since I don't have any matte taupes, and only one simmer taupe anyway, I think that for a Kill It Quest sin... its one of the better ones to make? Am I forgiven? :)

What about you guys? Which do you like better, the Color Tattoo shadow, or the L'Oreal one? Or do you think they shouldn't be compared because they serve different purposes in your collection? Comment bellow and let me know :)

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