Saturday, February 25, 2012

Madewell Scarf Dupe from Target!

Check out my new baby! This lovely two panel polka dot scarf is from Target! And I got it on clearance! I'd post a link to it on the target website but I have been unable to track it down there.

Isn't it just SO Madewell? Like it could be buddies with this, and this. :)

The weather here has been super spring like and out of character for New England, but I just love it for fashion reasons because I feel like I can dress cuter and that this scarf fits right in because it is so light and soft that it is perfect for spring!

I really hope that Target keeps getting more awesome because I swear with every coming release recently it has been really hitting my style right on the nose! Hello bright blue and red jeans who call my name every time I go it! Good Afternoon neon pink and khaki backpack who tries to lure my money it's way. Dupe me a gray and white stripe shirt with hot pink accents on the hems (a shirt I saw at Marshals) and it will be a true love to never look back from!

What do you think of target fashion? Any great finds?


  1. This really is a gorgeous scarf. The polka dots are so on trend and I'm loving the color for spring!

    1. Thanks! I was SO STOKED when I spotted it on the clearance :P <3 your blog btw :)