Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Most Worn Belts

I'm not someone who owns a great deal of accessories so when I purchase and wear accessories they are usually quite my style and well loved: never a wear once and forget about it style purchase usually. So, for today's post I am going to share my top 4 worn belts

This ombre belt is from H&M and I purchased it in Aix-En-Provence, France in 2008. This was when I first learned about H&M so I have no idea if it was a belt available in the United States or not, but this belt was the first ombre purchase I have made and I was ecstatic about it. As you can see it is so well loved over these year that the belt loop hole that I use actually got ripped/stretched because of all the adventures this belt went on with me (I vaguely recall that maybe it got caught on a door or a piece of furniture at a party or something, haha). I haven't purchased any H&M belts since this belt but if they are still this same quality then they are fantastic and I should probably consider buying more, and you should too! After 4 years this belt is still amazing and in good condition minus the belt hole.

My next 2 favorite belts are brown belts and are more recent purchases as I got them both this fall. The top brown one is a belt that I got in a 3 pack at Pac-Sun for a really good price. I loved this belt, until I bought the brown leather belt on black friday from Garage. Currently this is a semi-shared wear time relationship but I think eventually I may favor the Garage brown belt over the Pac-Sun one. The Garage belt is real leather so it is more flexible, comfortable, and higher quality than the Pac-Sun belt.

This is a close up of the adorable buckle of the Garage belt. Isn't the bow just the most subtle and adorable thing you have ever seen? I also wear the red version of this belt often as well.

My last most worn belt is this strawberry belt from J Crew. I could be wrong but I think I may have received this belt for Christmas as far back as 2006! But I would believe it if it was 2007 or something. Either way, it has been with me for a long time! This one is even better than the H&M belt when it comes to the longevity of it's live. Because this is a ribbon belt I expect this to be with me for a really long time because there are no belt holes to rip or anything. When I first got this belt I liked it but thought it was "too preppy" for me, but after staring at it in my wardrobe for a few years I came around and now I just LOVE it. The ribbon style of it makes it comfortable because it is always the correct size and could be borrowed by any of my friends! I also love that the reverse side has the strawberries part way down so that when it gets threaded through you don't have to cover up the strawberries, yay!

Also, FUN FACT: I wear all of my belts with the buckle on the right side, skater style. This is the result of the phase I went through in high school for skater things: skater shoes, studded belts, band shirts, the works, just everything but the skate board. I still have a small passion for skater shoes and high tops but I only own like 2 pairs and don't wear them that often. The only remaining style point of this phase is the belt style and the undeniable opinion that I think centered buckles are kinda lame and country farmer on everyone and only "cool" people wear their buckles on the side. Haha. No offence to those of you that center your belts but I just can't ever bring myself to do it! haha :P

What are your favorite belts? And weird fun facts about your fashion style like my belting style? Comment below!

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