Monday, February 20, 2012

My New Love: Garnier BB Cream

This is love. I have been so jealous of the British beauty bloggers/vloggers who have been using this product so when I finally tracked it down I nearly jumped for joy! I have been dealing with some dry skin issues and trying to figure out what product would work best for me for a day time moisturizer as I had previously only been using a heavy night time moisturizer because I hate waiting for moisturizer to sink in in the morning. Enter Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream! I don't care if it isn't a BB Cream in the asian beauty sense, and it more of a tinted moisturizer. If it was called a tinted moisturizer I would still be in love. The color is perfect, the coverage is light (something I have been looking for since everything else I own is medium coverage), it has my favorite Garnier scent, AND it does the moisturizing job I was seeking. It doesn't roll after application like I found with the Garnier dark spot corrector in the Skin Renew line, and it gives a good amount of moisture without being greasy. Granted, I have been using this with a powder every time (because I am trying to get rid of the powder, haha), but I have never had break through oil problems with it. The only downside is that because it is light coverage I tend to wear it off by the end of the day because I touch my face in class via leaning on my hands, etc. But, because it is light coverage, the wear off isn't really noticeable unless one is specifically looking for it.
A+ Garnier for a good product, with a great price to product ratio! I am pretty sure this will last me all of 2012 even if I use it every day! Plus it has SPF 15 so it will be super for summer! Yippie!

So how about you guys? Have you tried it? What did you think? Too light coverage? Doesn't match your skin? Are you in love with it like I am? Comment below :)

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